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  • An Analysis Of Walden On Wheels By Ken Ilgunas

    In Walden on Wheels, Ken Ilgunas argues that "there is nothing liberating about leaving college; I 'd ended one series of obligations only to enter into another" (40). Being a college senior is the end road toward receiving a diploma, that certifies the completion of a certain undergraduate program, and most senior would like to achieve this end game in order to possible work in the field that interest them and pays off their college debts. Yes, I believe that after graduation the newly graduated students don 't have to face certain obligations anymore, that only a college student has to face, anymore but will have to face new sets of obligations and dependency. In the current society we live in, there are more chances for a person who has…

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  • Examples Of Chauvinism In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

    theme of male chauvinism, referred to as machismo, is highly evident. The male chauvinism in Chronicle of a Death Foretold can be viewed as an emphasis on male pride and on the character’s sexual behavior. This sensation of male superiority is heavy in the some of the practices of citizens. These practices which include defending one’s honor, honor killings, and marriage, are promoted by social expectation and personal obligation.…

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  • Tort Liability Pros And Cons

    Tort Liability Tort Liability is the legal obligation to a victim who has been wronged by neglect. There are several issues of tort liability that come up for a principal. In discussing this with Mrs. Williams, she brought up several instances when tort liability is an issue for her. Constant vigilance in her decision making about what the school’s liability would be if she said yes to a certain request. She reminds herself often about how to ensure that no one is injured or wronged because…

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  • Sexism In A Doll's House Analysis

    House, Henrik Ibsen utilizes the dialogue between Torvald Helmer and Nora to expose the sexist nature of their society that reduces women to inferior positions and imposes restrictive roles on them. Indeed, Ibsen reveals his desire to modify these confining societal norms through Nora’s transformation at the end of the play, evident through her shift in language to Helmer, and further in her denunciation of all obligations society foists upon women. Torvald Helmer’s language to his wife Nora…

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  • Reciprocity And Poverty In All Our Kin By Carol Stack

    an important aspect in The Flats. Teenage pregnancy is very common within the community. Young girls are not mentally nor emotionally capable of raising their child, therefore their kin must offer help and support when raising that child. Most young mothers don 't raise nor nurture their first born child. Throughout the development of the child, the child has to establish a relationship with his “mother” and “mama”. The “mama” is usually the woman who raises and nurture the child, while the…

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  • Nuanced Consent Theory

    In order for a state to derive its just powers from the consent of the governed, all individuals within the state must be able to give their consent, willingly and autonomously, knowing that to do so, is to incur certain political obligations to said state. They must also understand that in doing so, they also authorise certain actions of the state towards them. In the case of consenting to the UK state, these obligations are mostly in the form of an agreement to obey the law, and the acceptance…

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  • Ethical Issues In Ebola

    Ebola is a communicable disease through ordinary contact and is deadly with fatality rate up to 90% (World Health Organization, 2014). Since the outbreak of Ebola or Marburg hemorrhagic fever, health care workers in the front line have been fulfilling their obligations, and at the same times, facing hazards in many ways. When dealing with the global epidemic, clearly ethics is of central importance. Notwithstanding, many largely applied ethical theories are insufficient to the task and fail to…

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  • R V Dobinson Case Study

    English law has been subject to being described as unprincipled and inconsistent in its approach to the question of whether the failure to act is a sufficient basis for criminal liability. This is due to a range of factors an example of which being the collection of convictions passed to defendants who have been charged with a crime, which did not involve a positive or direct action. In addition for those who have not been convicted, it is questionable whether the law is unprincipled as it is…

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  • Famine And Morality Peter Singer Analysis

    charity is too radical. This is because people do not judge others for indulging in something expensive but rather judge based on breaking a norm, which does not affect the conclusion. In order to change the separation between charity and duty to make charity a moral obligation, our requirements for judging actions would have to change. Moral obligations are shaped by what is the norm in our society which is made by the needs of a particular society. Duty requires those acts which are necessary…

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  • The Importance Of Good Will

    According to Kant, doing something out of good will means that it is being done precisely for the sake of duty. To do something out of good will is equivalent to doing something because it is your obligation to do it. The will is not good once you do an action because you are prone to do it in order to receive a prize, gratification, or reward. A good will can only be considered a good will if an…

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