Importance Of The Title Character In Othello

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Iago is the puppet master of Shakespeare Othello. He has full control of what happens in the play. That is why the title character should not be Othello, because he really isn’t an important role in the play. Yes the play is called Othello and the play is about him; but Iago is the real title character of the play. The reason he is should be the title character is that he helps the conflict stay alive between the other characters in the play. He also puts lies into the characters to control the outcome, and he also uses the flaws of the characters to his advantage. All of the characters are just puppets in a big game of chess, which is controlled by Iago. Iago main reason of the play, was to become Othello’s lieutenant and bring his downfall. …show more content…
The very first victim was Cassio, who was taught to be a proper gentleman. He always kisses women’s hands and greets them, which almost looks like they are courting. That is how Iago thinks of these manners, which Cassio shows to women. “...I will gyve thee in thine own courtship…” (II.i.165). Iago mostly uses these manners to his advantage by saying that Cassio is courting Desdemona. So he tells Othello and Roderigo about this, saying Cassio and Desdemona looks like they are in a courtship with each other. Cassio’s flaw was a big part of Iago’s list of revenge and now it has been thrown onto the playing table. But that was not the only flaw Iago uses; he also uses Cassio’s drinking problem to his master plan. “...Am I to put Cassio in some action That may offend the isle…” (II.ii.52-3). Iago knows about Cassio’s drinking problem, so he forces Cassio to drink more wine. Then Iago uses Roderigo to steer up the angry inside Cassio, while he is drunk. After that Othello comes along and takes away Cassio’s job as lieutenant. Now it is time to cross off another part of Iago’s revenge list; Othello has a flaw, which makes him too trustful in everyone. So Iago uses that flaw against Othello, by saying lies about Desdemona who Othello trusts too much. “No, not much moved. I do not think but Desdemona’s honest” (III.iii.226-27). Othello should not be too trustful in …show more content…
If Iago was given that job as lieutenant, all of the play would just be one sentence long. Nothing would of happen without Iago, that is why Iago is the main character of the book and not Othello. The play should of been called Iago’s revenge or something that goes with the plot of the play. It should not of been called Othello, because he is mostly a character who falls at the end. But some people will say that Othello should be the main character, because without him the plot and conflict which Iago creates would not happen. That would not be true, because there was another thing in the book that made Iago want to take revenge and that is the rumor of Cassio sleeping with his wife in bed. So really, Iago is the title character of the book and Othello is just another character which plays a small role in the

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