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  • The Tempest And Into The Wild Comparison

    Discoveries are an integral and profound aspect of the human experience but are arguably most significant in their capacity to incite personal transformations. William Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’ and Sean Penn’s film ‘Into the Wild’ clearly reflect this idea, with the protagonists of both texts irreversibly changed by their discoveries. In ‘The Tempest’ Prospero’s scheming prompts a rediscovery of his humanity that allows him to forgive his enemies, better himself and avoid tragedy.…

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  • Iago Character Analysis Of Othello

    Iago talks with Cassio long enough to learn that it doesn’t take much to get him drunk because Cassio is not much of a drinker (Bevington, 2014). When he sees that Cassio is already drunk from one glass of wine, he states, “If I can fasten but one cup upon him, With that which he hath drunk tonight already, He’ll be as full of quarrel and offense As my young mistress' dog” (Shakespeare, 2014. 2.3. 45-47). In other words, Iago plans to influence Cassio to drink until he cannot handle…

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  • Ghasiram Kulkar Analysis

    POWER POLITICS AND REVENGE IN VIJAY TENDULKAR’S “GHASIRAM KOTWAL Abstract: In this paper, I present “Ghasiram Kotwal” as the most celebrated play of Vijay Tendulkar. It is a dramatic exposure of violence, treachery, sexuality, and immorality that characterize contemporary politics. It is appreciated that Nana Phadnavis is a true example of such kind of politics where the ethics, morals and good work do not find a place of respect. It is the power and the power only that is important and…

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  • Summary Of Hayavadana In The Kirtinath Of Lord Ganesha

    Hayavadana is a play which is projected with the myth of Lord Ganesha who is a summation of both- ‘embodiment of imperfection’ and ‘of incompleteness’ and is worshipped as the destroyer of incompleteness. According to Kirtinath Kurtkoti, “The source of the plot of Hayavadana comes from Kathasaritsagara, an ancient collection of stories in Sanskrit.” Vetala Panchavimsati and Somdeva’s Brihat Kathasaritsagara - these two works compose the same tale of the…

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  • The Importance Of Civility In 12 Angry Men

    Civility will encourage your opponents to keep listening to you. The play Twelve Angry Men shows that civility is important. By the end of the play, the jurors were willing to listen to the people who were the most rational. Juror 8 calmly took the others' ideas into account, which swayed the jury to favor not guilty. At first, the jury thinks the boy is guilty, but Juror 8 used relaxed tactics to change their minds. One of the last jurors to change his mind was Juror 3. In the beginning, he…

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  • The Theme Of Blood In Hamlet

    Blood is everywhere, yet there is love in the air. Many people believe that the main theme in the play, Hamlet by William Shakespeare, is revenge. However, those people seem to not read between the lines and look deeper into the text. If one were to read further into the play, then they would be able to see that the play is actually centered around love. The theme of Hamlet is love because it is clearly illustrated through relationships between characters, thoughts of suicide, love-driven…

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  • Mistrust And Mistrust In Shakespeare's Hamlet

    Distrust and Mistrust During the play of hamlet there was multiple times when distrust and mistrust was shown and all of these in which I believe were from the theme good versus evil. In the story of Hamlet people were always in conflict with one another and this caused them to mistrust them so then they would do things to find out what people were relying doing so they’d spy on them. In the story the downfall of mistrust and distrust would either put the person in a worser position…

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  • Sir Andrew Aguecheek In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

    Character Analysis Sir Andrew Aguecheek Twelfth Night, a comedic play, written by Shakespeare, eloquently develops unique traits, actions, and dialogue for each character to defy roles. Throughout the play, there are clear examples that convey the characteristics and the use of Sir Andrew Aguecheek in the play. He is the clueless, cowardly character who is used by other characters to create a humorous scene and plot, and the vehicle Shakespeare used to prove the stupidity of the royal class. In…

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  • Multiple Omens In The Tragedy Of Julius Caesar, Portia And Calpurnia

    Shakespeare used multiple omens to foreshadow the deaths of Caesar and Brutus. One such omen was the symbolization of the female characters of the play. The women of William Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Portia and Calpurnia, are portrayed as weak, not as women of power. Portia was unable to get Brutus to tell him what was wrong with him, even after getting on her knees and begging him. “And upon my knees I charm you, by my once-commended beauty, by all your vows of love and that…

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  • Comparison Of Iago And Hedda Gabler

    William Shakespeare’s Othello and Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler both have master manipulators who are the center of their plays. It would be fair to compare both Iago and Hedda in the ways that they monopolize themselves on others. Although both characters portray manipulation in different ways they both are feeding off of the power aspect that they gain from manipulating people that they are close to. In their respective plays, they not only seem to be the dominate characters but also seem to go…

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