What Are The Similarities Between Othello And Lord Of The Flies

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The Lord of the Flies by William Golding and Shakespeare’s Othello both has characters that play a part in mankind’s evil. Jack and Iago show humans deepest fear, which is unleashing the dark hidden desires deep within people’s hearts. Although both individuals were immoral, Iago’s vile and twisted actions compared to Jack’s will always be as great as that between heaven and earth. The basis behind this is that individuals who are narcissistic will do things that only benefit themselves. People who are deceitful will use others like pawns without having any remorse.
To begin with, people will carry out narcissistic actions for their contentment. At the beginning of the play, Iago is explaining his hatred towards Othello to Roderigo. He believes
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Ralph was voted as the elected leader because everyone appreciated how he maintained order on the island. Jack wanted to be better than Ralph and set up his own tribe. The only narcissistic action that he did was having everyone join his tribe and revere him as a king. He provided the food and protection that the other boys couldn’t. He never once cared about materialistic greed, but rather only egotistical selfishness. Compared to Iago, Jack only concerned himself with looking good and having everyone respect him. Iago wanted even more than that. He wanted to look as a strong leader, and have everything he could possibly own. In the final analysis, Iago is more narcissistic which is more evil, according to the definition.
Furthermore, narcissism can lead to being deceitful and use others without having any remorse. Along with Iago’s selfish behaviour, he was also very manipulative to get what he desired. Near the beginning of the book, Iago finds out that Roderigo is deeply in love with Desdemona and would do anything to get her back. He knows this and tricks Roderigo into thinking that Iago can bring her back. In reality, Iago was only doing this by scamming him and playing with his emotions. After being backstabbed by Othello, Iago

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