Appearance Vs Reality In Othello

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Essentially, there is usually more to an individual than humans can physically see. Often people appear to portray certain character traits, but in reality use them as a way to conceal their true inner being. The theme of appearance versus reality plays a huge role in the play Othello. The protagonist, Othello, often renders characteristics that cause him to masquerade himself to be seen as a noble being. In Shakespearian literature, William Shakespeare tends to compose characters that eventually become involved in villainous behavior. In this specific scenario, Othello and Iago are a prime example. Othello and Iago exemplify the theme of appearance versus reality through the lessons communicated to the audience warning to not gullibly believe …show more content…
Iago illustrates this being the prime example that the audience must watch out for. Throughout the tragic story, various circumstances allow the true colours of him to show when he commits his manipulative crime. This is apparent in the play Othello when Iago says: Thus do I ever make my fool my purse./For I mine own gained knowledge should profane/If I would time expend with such a snipe/But for my sport and profit (3.3.374-377). In this aside, Iago makes it clear of his fake love for Roderigo going on to say he would be wasting time with a fool like him if no positive outcome can result. Iago uses Roderigo to his advantage making him his henchman and also for personal gains such as money. Due to the lust and desire to have Desdemona at all costs, Iago is simply able to manipulate him however he would like eventually till he has him agreeing to kill a complete stranger for “love”. To conclude, this quote exemplifies the true colours of the malicious villain Iago. Comparatively, again demonstrates this life lesson to beware of later in act

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