Major Themes Of Jealousy In Shakespeare's Othello

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During Othello by William Shakespeare we see tons of jealousy between all the characters. Each character that expresses jealousy expresses it in a very overacted state or a very calm but irrational way. Major events of jealousy that occur during Othello are, when Othello passed up Iago for a promotion to give it to Cassio, and Othello gets jealous that his wife may be sneaking around with Cassio. In Othello, jealousy takes many forms, but it, is in all instances, destructive.
Iago was talking to Roderigo and told him of his hatred towards Othello. Iago only hated Othello, because he gave his promotion up to Michael Cassio. Michael Cassio was given this promotion that Iago felt he was more qualified for. So, Iago had a plan to be ingenious
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Iago has a plan, but he needs Emila to agree otherwise his plan won’t work. Iago believes that Othello doesn’t need any proof of Desdemona and Cassio’s “supposed” affair. Iago believes that if he gets Emila to grab the handkerchief then he will feed Othello’s jealousy. “Trifles lift as air, Are to the jealous confirmations strong as proofs of holy wit. This may do something.” (Scene 3 Act 3 370-372) Once Othello sees the handkerchief in Cassio’s possession he will have the proof that Desdemona is truly unfaithful to him. Iago is planting his revenge on Othello and it is working, because Iago has the proof to back up the words that he is saying. Othello isn’t saying he is jealous but really he is. Othello doesn’t want to believe that Desdemona is unfaithful so he wants proof. He will be more jealous once Iago plants his handkerchief with another man.
The author’s message to the readers is that no matter how jealous you can get there are different ways to approach your jealousy. Othello backed up his jealousy by needed proof of Desdemona being unfaithful. Iago used his jealousy to plot revenge on Othello, especially since he heard a rumor that Emilia was with Othello. This relates to real life, because at some point in life everyone gets jealous. Jealousy doesn’t just happen in relationships and it isn’t always destructive, but it can

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