Theme Of Jealousy In The Great Gatsby

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Jealousy is a very complex emotion, it can often mislead a person from seeing and or acting with a clear mind. Those who allow their jealousy to control their actions often end up destroying their lives by falling victim to it. In Shakespeare’s Othello and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby both protagonists Othello and Gatsby do exactly this. Although, they both prove to be very jealous men, ultimately in the end Gatsby clearly proves to be the more noble character. Othello owes his jealous nature to the fact he’s unwilling to truly trust the ones he loves on account of his own insecurities. He succumbs to jealousy in the novel Othello when the character Iago convinces him that Desdemona his wife has been cheating on him with another man. …show more content…
215-218) By Lodovico questioning if Othello was the same man everyone speaks so highly of, it displays Othello’s great change in character. He was no longer behaving as the noble and or brave man everyone knew him to be, but an easily rattled one. His jealousy throughout the novel clearly demonstrates how corrupt of character he was in comparison to Gatsby, considering his jealousy was out of hate and revenge towards the person he was supposed to be so deeply in love with. Whereas, in Gatsby case his jealousy was nobler than Othello’s because his jealousy was driven out of love. For example, Gatsby displays how noble of character he was when Daisy carelessly kills her husbands mistress Myrtle using one of his car. Gatsby then leaves the scene of the accident to hide the car simply to protect Daisy. His decision to take responsibility for Myrtle's death reveals that his love and nobility for Daisy is undeniable. However, by Daisy allowing Gatsby to take the fall for her it is undoubtedly cruel, yet it changes nothing. Gatsby remains remarkably noble to Daisy, content with sacrificing his own life just to save the woman he loves. Another example, where Othello shows his dishonorable characteristics is when he’s given proof that Desdemona has cheated on

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