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  • Jealousy And Manipulations In William Shakespeare's Othello

    he doesn 't want to think about. Iago is using Othello 's emotions against him by playing with Othello 's anger in order to persuade him to think Cassio is sleeping with his wife. It 's hard to cope with your emotions and when someone is toiling with them it makes you more susceptible in believing something that isn 't true. Iago is convincing Cassio to have a drink with Othello to congratulate him on his marriage by making him feel guilty, “Well, happiness to their sheets! Come, lieutenant, I…

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  • Othello In Tim Blake Nelson's 2001 O

    Tim Blake Nelson’s 2001 “O” is an adaptation and modernization of the play Othello. “O” seems to capture the balance Shakespeare intended between portraying Othello as another, based on his race, and the problem of stereotyping a black character. “Even now, now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe.” (Act1:1 87-88) Along, with showing how personal motives can depict people who are unsecure about themselves or their relationships. The solution is to have Odin (Othello) question…

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  • Male Fear Of Female Sexuality In Shakespeare's Othello

    This situation aggravates Othello and transforms him into an insecure man. He feels inferior to Michael Cassio; the man that his wife has supposedly cheated on him with. Cassio is a white Venetian man, whereas Othello is referred to as “an old black ram” (1.1.97) by Iago. Othello is an old man of color whereas Cassio is young, fair and charming. Cassio is able to charm women by being a gentleman (kissing Emilia on the check and taking Desdemona’s hand). His smooth moves allow…

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  • Theme Of Loyalty In Othello

    P1: Both Othello and Iago are distraught at the idea of being cheated on, and decide to get revenge. Iago has heard rumors that Emilia has slept with both Othello and Cassio. However, he does to know if they are true, but he says, “I, for mere suspicion in that kind, / will do as if for surety”(I.iii. 325-326). The mere rumor is enough for Iago to become jealous and angry. He is terrified by the idea that his wife…

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  • Good And Evil In Othello

    According to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Iago is a “being next to the devil, only not quite the devil (Shaffer, 1968).” This opinion reads true for many as they delve into the world that is Othello. Shakespeare planted a character in Othello that readers will not soon forget. Unlike many Shakespearean plays, Shakespeare leaves out the aspect of magic and otherworldly things, and instead focuses on pure human evil and a tragedy (Bevington, 2014). Using Iago as an antagonist, he stuns readers…

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  • Theme Of Epilepsy In Othello

    Fatal Mind: A Man, His Epilepsy, and His Downfall In William Shakespeare’s Othello, it is jealousy that conquers all, while love is cast down an unfathomable abyss. Over the course of few days, once honourable Othello is broken down by trickster Iago with his wiles and Othello’s mind is overrun with anger and envy. But how could a principled man such as Othello decide to kill his beloved wife in such a short amount of time? If it is assumed that Othello is afflicted by Temporal Lobe Epilepsy…

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  • Machiavellian Villainss In Shakespeare's Othello

    mutters, “As he shall smile, Othello shall go mad. And his unbookish jealousy must construe poor Cassio’s smiles, gestures, and light behaviour quite in the wrong” (4.1. 103-105). This excerpt implies that Othello will misinterpret Cassio’s smile to be Cassio bragging about sleeping with Desdemona. Evidently, Iago has successfully used Othello’s naivety and jealous tendencies against him. Additionally, Machiavellian villains often use psychological warfare to convince their victims to commit…

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  • Timeless Themes And Tragedy In William Shakespeare's Othello

    Othello by William Shakespeare, the story of a fearless Moorish general in the service of Venice who falls victim to the devious orders of Iago. Iago had hoped for promotion, but Othello passed over him in favor of Cassio. Through the play Iago works revenge on them both. He exploits Roderigo as a source of money and uses both Roderigo and Cassio’s innocence to bring down Othello. When finally confronted and charged, Iago refuses to speak or to apologize or explain his actions, and he goes to…

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  • The Pitfalls Of Deception In William Shakespeare's Othello

    It appears Iago’s jealousy of Othello and Cassio leads him to believe they committed adultery with his wife. However, it is equally possible that the reverse is true; he may have first been deceived into suspected them with his wife, which then enkindled the jealousy he harbors towards them in other…

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  • Iago's Evil In Othello

    interest in her is when she does something to help his plot along. One can also see Iago as ambitious. The first reasons he gives for ruining Othello’s life, is Othello’s choice in officers. Instead of promoting Iago to lieutenant, he picks Michael Cassio to be his right hand. This wouldn’t be such a problem except that Iago sees himself as a better choice to a “Florentine...That never set a squadron in the…

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