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  • Theme Of Jealousy In Othello's Fatal Flaw

    rage with a compromise to destroy Othello and Cassio. Othello was a trusting man, and Iago knew it. Iago referred to Othello as a Moor who “is of a free and open nature, / That thinks men honest that but seem to be so” (Shakespeare 1.3.381-382). His plan was to “abuse Othello’s ear / That [Cassio] is too familiar with his wife” (Shakespeare 1.3.377-378). Iago would continuously poison Othello’s mind and cause him to become suspicious of Desdemona and Cassio. After a series of fortunate events,…

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  • The Importance Of Being Earnest Lies Analysis

    Keeping up with a lie can lead to a horrible snowball effect that worsens situations and in the play The Importance of Being Earnest there is a collection of lies that people have and worsen to create its ideal plot of deceiving and mystery. Character Jack from the play is a man with many secrets and lies that he worsens and grows throughout the play. This why he is the perfect character that sets out the model of Oscar Wilde's theme in the play that lies only grow to become worse until revealed…

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  • Analysis Of A Tell-Tale Heart By Edgar Allan Poe

    When one imagines the word ‘insane,’ many visualise someone gripping a dagger glazed in a thick, viscous crimson, flashing a sagacious smirk, with hard, narrowing eyes. Yes, this disorder can create misconceptions resulting in inane actions, but it isn’t entirely the person’s fault that makes them the way they are. This disease clouds their minds with paranoia, strange voices, and complex thoughts overwhelming the person and causing them to act peculiarly. This is a significant theme sprinkled…

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  • The Importance Of Being Earnest Humour Analysis

    Writing Task The use of satirical humor in “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde Throughout the play, Oscar Wilde uses satirical humor to ridicule and deride the members of the Victorian aristocracy. Wilde criticizes certain aspects of society, mocking social conventions such as marriage. This can be seen in the play when Jacks confides to Algernon that he is in love with Gwendolen and that he has come to town to propose to her, and Algernon replies that he thought that Jack…

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  • Ambiguity Of Iago's Soliloquy In Othello

    In act two, scene three, Iago has just seen another piece of his plot against Othello fall into place. After arranging Cassio 's termination, Iago has the gall to give the other man advice on how to re-enter Othello 's good graces. Iago utilizes misogynistic and racist imagery and attempts to trap the audience in his web of deception. This scene holds great importance to the narrative of Othello because, once again, Shakespeare forces the audience into Iago’s perspective without offering any…

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  • Why Did Romeo And Juliet Happen Essay

    In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo was a considerably large reason for all of the chaos to occur. Many would argue that the Friar caused most problems, or that Lord Capulet being indecisive led to the demise of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo was really the origin of all these issues to occur. Romeo only whined throughout the play. All of his thoughts were based from other people, and his only thought throughout the story was to kill himself, which he eventually did because he thought Juliet killed herself.…

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  • Sympathy In King Lear Essay

    Almost every character of the play can be placed with or opposed to Lear’s rule. Likewise, the people who clash with the king have motivations that are largely incomparable to those of, for example, Edgar and Cordelia. Interested only in material wealth and power, the various antagonists of the play deceive their way through life whilst the main characters that the audience would most likely emphasise with are motivated only by good virtues such as personal insight, honesty or charity.…

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  • Fooled By Randomness By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Just for fun, Nassim Nicholas Taleb enjoys making fun of those who take themselves, better yet, their levels of know-how, too seriously. Hinting that his habit of poking fun at scholars is a possible coping mechanism for his intellectual insecurity. In his book, “Fooled by Randomness,” he attempts to equate one’s success to mere chance or randomness. Making a case that moderate success can be influenced by hard-work, and the level of skills one possesses, but that success to higher degree is the…

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  • The Social Contract By Rousseau Essay

    Theatre is a revelation as it unveils the drama of human life and emotions in a society warped by injustice and oppression. Theatre’s ability to plumb the depths of human psyche in this oppressive and corrupt world makes it a strong voice for addressing the suffering and the angst of the individual suffocated in the terrible grip of control and exploitation. In doing so, theatre not only problematizes contemporary socio-cultural issues but also provokes critical thoughts on conflicts, dilemmas,…

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  • Adultery In Othello

    fate of each of the characters. Iago was upset with Cassio because he got the job to become Othello’s lieutenant; however, he was more upset with Othello for not recognizing that he deserved the job more than any other person. Since Iago believed that there…

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