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  • Feminism Pros And Cons

    Over time, the word feminism has slowly gained multiple misconceptions and negative connotations. Some believe that feminism is anti-male, anti-"stay at home mom", pro-abortion, and so many other misconstrued beliefs. However, as defined in the Webster Dictionary, the word feminism is "the theory of political, economical, and social equality of the sexes." So before you decided to be against a movement that fights for equality of rights between men and women, l advise you to learn the true definition of feminism and not the misconstrued beliefs about feminism. Feminism is NOT Anti-Male: The literal definition of feminism is equality of the sexes. Thus, for feminists to be anti-male, they technically wouldn't even be feminists. We don't believe we're better than men or that we deserve more rights than men. We want to be treated the same way. Being in the third wave of feminism, women have already gained basic rights through the movement of the first and second waves. However, we are still fighting for things like diminishing the gender pay gap. The fact that women get paid less than men for doing the same job is outrageous, and if your a woman who is a so-called "anti-feminist" how could you believe that that is fair? Feminism is NOT Pro-Abortion or Pro-Choice: Feminism and Abortion are separate topics. You can be a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Feminism

    Is it ok to be a feminist? In today’s society feminism is looked down on. People who identify themselves as feminists are often called “man haters”. The true definition of feminism is the equality of men and women in all aspects of life. This doesn 't seem like something we should disagree with but there are some who do. Feminism is a movement, just like any other ism it has its pros and cons. In this paper the idea of feminism will be represented and compared to other movements which stand…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Black Feminism

    Truthfully, feminism is dangerous to a lot of people. It causes fright and differing opinions, but just like in any major social issue there will be those who choose to be receptive and those who choose to stay oblivious to the apparent problem. Also, movements are not meant to graciously change circumstances, they are meant to make obvious demands and entice people to congregate, to think, and reach a solution. Biology is not even a factor when it comes to genuine communication about the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Feminism

    Feminism, Its Misconceptions, and Its Relevance Modern feminism, also termed third-wave feminism, is a much-required societal component. A common argument against feminism is the animal kingdom in which female apes worship male apes, but division of gender simply can not follow this trend, for humanity requires more civilized thinking (Berlatsky, Noah). Today’s existing culture restrains women and men through learned behaviors, gender roles, and institutional sexism. Men and women have…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Radical Feminism

    We have all heard of feminism or at least heard of a feminist. Now what is feminism? Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. Women have come a long way from not being able to work and basically being forced to stay home and do housework all day to being able to vote, get an education, and have a job. It was always believed that men were superior to women. In 1895 Susan B. Anthony, a civil rights leader, said “No man is good…

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  • Like Water For Chocolate Pro-Feminism Essay

    Chocolate; a Pro-Feminist Novel? Like Water For Chocolate is a strong example of a pro-feminism book. A feminist book is a book in which female characters are described as being able to do the things men do with the same result or better. The proof of Like Water for Chocolate being a feminist book lies in two of the story’s female characters, Gertrudis and Tita. They are both strong, realistic characters, who are not afraid to be who they are. These women are also placed in the position of…

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  • Commercialization Of Abortion

    Because of the Americans’ love for the word “choice” and the traditional American ideological fear of the government intervention, the pro-abortion groups adopted the frame of choice: women should be able to choose what is done to her body. They associated abortion with the right and the choice to refrain from reproduction for any reason; such tactic then allowed the pro-abortion groups to encompass the poor women who cannot afford reproduction (page 14). The language of choice has a link to the…

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  • Pro Life Feminist Argument

    Dear Editor. I took great issue to your editorial (”Why I Am A Pro-Life Feminist: Women’s Rights and Abortion ”Rights” Don’t Mix”, Emily Derois, Aug 29), as the author of this article makes some bold claims. Being a feminist, I could not help but react to the title. To me, feminism means that every woman has the right to her own body and can do whatever she chooses with it, and neglecting a woman’s right to have an abortion is a serious breach in the feminist ideology. The author has their…

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  • Roe V. Wade Abortion Case

    talk about the ruling of the case and how each of the sides affected the ruling. The two women who started Roe v. Wade in the 1970s were Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee. These two women were lawyers and instead of pursuing a case on Civil Rights or on other important issues in our country at the time (Faux 25). These two women took on the Texas abortion case that turned into Roe v. Wade in the 1970s. In the 1960s abortions were something that people would keep a secret and they were very…

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  • Prochoice's View On Abortion

    States. Pro Choice and pro life advocates hold many rallies and conferences providing advantages to both options. Abortion is the most common medical practice in the United States with over 40% of American women ending pregnancy with this procedure("Abortion: Get Facts About the Procedure and Statistics."). Abortion usually is seen in two ways, ProChoice and ProLife. Abortion can be seen in many different ways but anyway you view it abortion still ends the possibility of life. Abortion can boil…

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