Importance Of Feminism And Its Misconceptions

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Feminism, Its Misconceptions, and Its Relevance Modern feminism, also termed third-wave feminism, is a much-required societal component. A common argument against feminism is the animal kingdom in which female apes worship male apes, but division of gender simply can not follow this trend, for humanity requires more civilized thinking (Berlatsky, Noah). Today’s existing culture restrains women and men through learned behaviors, gender roles, and institutional sexism. Men and women have certain expectations reliant on their gender, and while society encourages specific gender roles, statistics prove that while society has evolved, our ideas of gender have not. Depending on gender, people are expected to perform certain tasks. Furniss, Clare finds that in the …show more content…
Katie Underwood of CHATELAINE magazine conducted a short survey showing that while many women agree with feminist views, they will not claim the label. “To [some] it conjures up images of angry radicals out to burn bras, usurp men’s rights, and backstroke away on a sea of boy tears.” If you believe men and women should have equal rights, you must claim the title because that’s what the word means (Underwood, Katie). The Women Against Feminism(WAF) social media posts show how misunderstood the movement is. When Emily Shire of The Daily Beast politely attempted to reach out to a WAF spokesperson, she received a response saying that WAF would not speak to The Daily Beast because they expected to be treated unfairly. The excuses WAF shares are usually irrelevant or unrelated to actual feminist ideals such as “I don’t need feminism because I love masculine men…” Feminism does not mean people want to feminize everyone of reject masculinity. The WAF leaders reveal weakness in their campaign. They do not have good reasons to oppose feminism implying that their movement is more for show than actually substantial (Shire,

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