Boys Will Be Boys Research Paper

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Boys Will Be Boys “Boys will be boys”, is a saying that is heard all too often. Many think of it as a rational reasoning for a male child’s behavior. However, is it really a rational reasoning? What does such a seemingly harmless saying really do? “Boys will be boys” is an excuse for unacceptable behavior by a male taking no responsibility for their actions by blaming it on their gender. Not only does this saying not take responsibility for a male’s behavior but it also sets a standard for gender inequality. This is one simple way that many ingrain a patriarchal society in young children’s minds. This saying tells young girls that their same behavior is unacceptable for them but acceptable for their brothers. A female must always act to a certain standard while a male has lower standards set for them by society. Simple saying like, “Boys will be boys”, ingrain a difference between males and …show more content…
In America, a common misconception is that to be a real “man” one must possess over-bearing power and dominance. If a male does not possess those traits, he is often compared to a girl. This comparison set another standard for gender equality because it tells young girls and boys that being a man is much more valuable and that being a woman is the same as being weaker. Common insults like, “You throw like a girl” are the epitome of this concept. It sets a patriarchal mindset in males and females. Gender roles are typically ingrained into people at a young age and often affect their relationships. Typically, men are more keen on sharing their intelligence to their potential partner while females are often shy about sharing their intelligence to a man for fear of rejection that she’d be too smart, according to a study by Szymanowicz and Furnham. Gender roles lead to gender inequality in relationships when the man and woman should be view as

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