The Trouble With Boys Analysis

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There is a shortage of high quality role models. When describing a respectable role model, particularly for young men, the definition is rather relative, ranging from courageous and strong to respectful and at times, vulnerable. By being able to physically and emotionally respect women while maintaining their independent moral values, men are able to provide role models for those around them, all while upholding a standard for themselves, as well. By gaining some form of consistency, boys will gradually become more independent of the popular thing to do, and more dependent on what is morally correct. By comparing Skidelsky’s “The Trouble with Boys” with Tony Porter’s Ted Talk titled, “A Call to Men”, this cycle of no role models and disrespect is identified with Porter’s real-life examples of violence and further exemplified through professional descriptions via Skidelsky. Providing a better education and support system for adolescent boys would be …show more content…
Typically these athletes are persuaded to only take their sport into account when growing up, and moral development thus falls to a lower priority, proving that when “suddenly cast into the limelight, many are ill equipped to deal with the pressures and temptations of fame” (Skidelsky 14). This worked in conjunction with the feminism movement to only catalyze the downfall of morals in men. Outside of athletics and into a more realistic setting, Tony Porter recollected his childhood through a series of anecdotes in the Ted Talk “A Call to Men”. It similarly addressed the

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