Men In Society, By Michael Kimmel

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Rod Ewdish
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Men in Society
Men go so far to prove what they fear than acquire what they truly desire. Throughout life, men are taught to be tough and to not express their true thoughts or emotions. The article “Bros before hoes,” written by Michael Kimmel, an American Sociologist specialized in gender studies, goes along and asks a number of men from different campuses and states what it simply means to be a man. What sorts of phrases or thoughts come to mind when someone instructs them to be a man. Richard T. Evans, a researcher of interdisciplinary studies, in “Faggots, Fame and Firepower” describes how most male shooters have been dismissed by their classmates/peers, both before and after their crime,
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In the article, “ Bros before hoes” many men are asked to define what they feel when they hear the phrase, “Be a man” and they listed off a number of things that they felt made them a true man ”. Some of the response included, “ don’t ask for directions, show no fear, never give up” and many others. These are the rules that men are expected to live by and are considered, “ The Guy code”. Often, men are taught these at a young age, and many are taught as young as the age of 3 by their fathers or older brothers and are called names if they do not give in on doing what they are told. If men are found complaining of pain during a game or even an injury, most of the time, they will be teased. As Michael Kimmel stated in his article, “American men want to be a "man among men," an Arnold Schwarzenegger-like "man 's man," not a Fabio-like "ladies ' man." Masculinity is largely a "homosocial" experience: performed for, and judged by, other men.” In the mind of a male many words are considered to be a put down some include, “ faggot, dork, gay, loser, wuss” and many more. These words are commonly used and are words that men frown upon and try their best to

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