Pro-Choice And Who Is Not Pro-Life?

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Who is not pro-choice and who is not pro-life? These are just two terms politicians use in their campaigns to sum up their view on abortion. Isn’t everybody pro-choice? Doesn’t everyone like the idea of making choices? Comparatively, everyone is pro-life. Almost everyone supports the right for people to live. There is much more meaning to these terms than they portray at first read. The pro-choice community is in favor of a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body. Specifically, they support the woman’s right to abortion. Pro-life supports the protection of embryos and fetuses. So, they are completely against abortion. As of right now, there is no middle ground between the two. There are “exceptions”, but most people identify as one or the other. Each stance is the radical opposite of the other, and research is constantly being done to prove which side …show more content…
Women who keep their unwanted or unplanned kids are more likely to have regret and anger toward that child, or at themselves, for making the decision to keep it (Rocca and Kimport). Keeping an unwanted baby can also have mental effects on the child. No child should feel unwanted, and some moms may feel animosity toward that child they decided to keep. Having a child that was not planned can also force the family to go through financial hardship. A child is very expensive, and requires a lot of planning and saving. If a mom or family is not prepared, it can take a toll on their bank account. That child may then have to life in poverty, survive on welfare or food stamps, or be abused and neglected (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)). Whether a mother is thinking about the health of her baby, the living situation of her family, or just about herself, pro-choice activists believe all women should have the right to choose her

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