In-Clinic Abortion

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Abortion is the process one undergoes to intentionally prematurely end a pregnancy; it has become one of the most controversial and most commonly debated topics in this country. The issue is controversial because it is based on the question of whether or not we have control over the life of an innocent unborn child. The nation is divided on the subject of abortion; it has become one of the highlight issues of today’s modern politics. The peoples’ varying perspectives are driven by their moral values, which has made for a biased, non-bi partisan and emotionally driven debate.
There are two primary kinds of abortion, they are In-Clinic and by way of an abortion pill. The abortion pill, which is not to be confused with birth control, is typically taken before 9 weeks of pregnancy. The abortion pill costs anywhere from $300 to $800. The two methods of In-Clinic abortion are “aspiration” or “Dilation and Evacuation (also known as D&E)”; these procedures take place after 12 weeks of pregnancy. The aspiration method is performed by removing all the contents of the uterus via “the gentle suction of a manual syringe or with a machine operated suction. The Dilation and Evacuation method is performed by first inserting a device called a “cervical
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One side is known as “Pro-Life”, the other is known as “Pro-Choice”. “Pro-Life” supporters are typically conservatives who believe that abortion is wrong and should be illegal, some within the group even go as far as calling abortion the “murder of an innocent unborn child”. “Pro-Choice” supporters are typically liberals who argue that a pregnant individual has the right to choose abortion. They believe that it is the body, believe that abortion is not murder and cannot be illegal because they believe that a fetus is “not yet a fully developed living human being therefore it has no

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