Abortion : Pro Life? Essay

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Abortion: Pro-life

When does a human become a human? Although this question may seem abstract, theoretical, and irrelevant, an individual’s answer to that question could have life or death consequences. Abortion, a major hot-button topic in our country, hinges on this question. If human life begins at conception, then abortion for any reason is wrong. If, however, a fetus does not become a “human” until after it leaves the womb, then most types of abortion are acceptable, and in some cases, can be advisable.
To begin with, what is abortion? According to Oxford Dictionaries, an abortion is “The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy” (Oxford Dictionaries, n.d.). Suzanne R. Trupin (2007), reported in her article that abortions are fairly common. In fact, she said nearly half of American women will have at least one abortion (Abortion Overview and History section, para. 1). There are many different kinds of abortions that are practiced in the United States. According to Trupin, the two major categories of abortion are medical (meaning through the use of pills) abortion and surgical abortion (Types of Abortion section). Medical abortions are usually performed during early pregnancy and involve the mother taking some kind of medicine to terminate the life of the embryo (Type of Abortion: Medical section, para. 1). Surgical abortions can be performed during early or later pregnancy, although a 2007 law placed…

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