Abortion And Pro-Choice Thoughts

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Pro-Choice Thoughts
Bearing a child is a metamorphic decision that will affect you in every way and deciding on not continuing with the gravidity is life altering. This so called not continuing, or termination of, a pregnancy is called an abortion. Agreeing that women should have the right to choose to have an abortion is agreeing with pro-choice values. An abortion can be either intended or unintended; and, women who choose to have an intended abortion may have one for many reasons. These reasons range from their health to not being able to provide for the child if it were to be born. Abortion should continue to be legal because it provides a safe environment for women in need of certain cares and gives women the right to make significant
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In the case Roe v. Wade, Congress ruled that the government cannot make decisions on the reproductive decisions of women. This statement of the law has made abortion legal. As a ruling it has allowed for more women to have independence over their bodies and decisions causing more women to end unwanted or unprepared for pregnancies in turn giving children a higher quality of life (Anderson, Tim). If abortions were to become illegal, the world would go a step backwards in the feminist movement and take the rights of women away. Without women’s right to reproductive privacy and decision making, they would be seen more as sexual beings. Losing this right would put women one notch closer to only being seen as good for marriage and childbearing. Women should have the right to decide to have a better overall life without it being stalled because they could not decide to terminate their pregnancy in order to thrive in other aspects of …show more content…
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