Pro Choice Abortion Essay

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Pro-Choice Thoughts
Bearing a child is a metamorphic decision that will affect you in every way and deciding on not continuing with the gravidity is life altering. This so called not continuing, or termination of, a pregnancy is called an abortion. Agreeing that women should have the right to choose to have an abortion is agreeing with pro-choice values. An abortion can be either intended or unintended; and, women who choose to have an intended abortion may have one for many reasons. These reasons range from their health to not being able to provide for the child if it were to be born. Abortion should continue to be legal because it provides a safe environment for women in need of certain cares and gives women the right to make significant
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Lynne V. stated that “For many women, the circumstances surrounding an unintended pregnancy make deciding whether to have an abortion a difficult task,” after witnessing around one thousand abortions. Circumstances such as their job, income, living situations and relationship status’ cause them to struggle with an unintended pregnancy (V., Lynne). Before women make this decision, thirty-eight states require that the women are provided counseling before going through with the abortion (Monitor). If a woman is having difficulty coping with the abortion emotionally, they can be provided with “a post-abortion counseling session.” To receive this counseling they need to simply call the clinic. In addition to these counseling sessions, there are multiple websites that allow women to explore their post-abortions feelings (FAQs About Abortion Appointments). Along with the before abortion counseling sessions, the doctors have to choose between the variety of abortions. The two basic groups of safe clinical procedures are medical abortions and surgical abortions; and, the difference in using one versus the other is depended on the availability of the procedures and length of the gravidity (Lowen, Linda). If these safe, legal abortions are made illegal, at home abortions are likely to occur more frequently. At home abortions are much more …show more content…
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