Psychological Effects Of Abortion

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Abortion is a sensitive topic for many to discuss and one of the most controversial issues in the United States. Abortions became legal in the United States in 1973 after the Supreme Court judged in favor of Roe vs. Wade (McDonagh). There are many opinions on whether abortions should be legal. This research project will focus on the affects an abortion can have on a woman. There are still many questions concerning if abortions can cause psychological and physical damage.
Abortion is the elimination of an embryo/fetus from the uterus, resulting in death (“Abortion.”). The three methods most widely used are surgical abortion, chemical abortion, and medical abortion (“Abortion.”). Surgical is the most invasive of methods; tools are used
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This sensation of comfort is what causes women to turn down post-abortion counseling if it is offered (Angelo). However, this period is usually short-lived. An abortion is a highly-traumatic experience which puts women at a much higher risk for depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts (Abortion’s). Psychological effects can range from mild regret to major depression. However, the most common effects include regret, anger, guilt, shame, and depression. Over half of the couples and individual women that have aborted regret it. Not only does abortion effect the woman, but also the man involved. The Canterbury Health and Development Study revealed that abortion has more negative effects than actually carrying a child to term. Also, there is no therapeutic benefit from abortion. Lorraine Murray described her abortion as a crushing secrecy, in which she endured intense shame and guilt for years. “Wracked with guilt and self-loathing, I wept. How could I have ended my child’s life?” (Murray). These intense feelings can lead to pathological grief due to the personal blame of death, similar to miscarriage grief (“Abortion.”). This grief is seldom acknowledged and socially unaccepted, making it hard for grieving women to get …show more content…
1 out of 100 first-trimester and 1 out of 50 late term abortions experience serious complications. Physical complications vary, and recovery time after the procedure is usually an hour (“Abortion.”). There are many complications that society are not aware of such as, during an abortion, women may experience extreme pain. In Murray’s experience, she described it as an exceedingly searing pain. Hemorrhage and infection may also occur. Two to four weeks after an abortion it is common to experience abdominal pain and

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