History Of The Pill By Margaret Sanger

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Birth control Such a sensitive subject to discuss with adults and teenagers. Many adults refuse to even talk about if for fear their child may think it is a gate way to have sex with anyone they choose and without protection. Birth control has helped many women throughout history. Not only for safe sex but for terrible cramps, acne and to make your cycle regular. But a man named Joel Connelly who is a staff writer for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer propsed a compromise in the state of Washington that would give pharmacists a right to refuse to give out birth control or emergency contraception. Some people applaud his idea due to religious beliefs, they find that birth control is something that shouldn’t be given out. Some of those people even …show more content…
She was a nurse back in 1910 and was disturbed by the numerous amounts of women she cared for died as the result of self-induced or botched abortions. Which is how she became the founder of the birth control movement. She slowly saw her dream come true in 1960 with the release of the first birth control pill. Sanger had formed a partnership with Katherine McCormick, who is a wealthy widow, used part of her substantioal fortune to fund the extensive research needed in order to approve a reliable pill. Women have been looking for a better method instead of botched abortions that caused them to suffer emotional and physically, even leading to death. But thanks to Sanger and McCormick we are able to see a future begin by doing vast amounts of research for a reliable pill. Without scientists we would not be as successful with the pill as we are …show more content…
This argument may not be persuasive, and it may entirely ignore serious questions of a woman 's control over her body and her right not to serve as an incubator, but at least it has a grain of something that society as a whole agrees on—killing is, generally, wrong. But the recent tempest surrounding the issue of access to oral contraceptives reveals that the "pro-life" movement is really an anti-choice movement. Once we understand that there is no life that needs protecting other than that of the woman who is using the pills, this is truly about preventing women from exercising control over their own bodies, even when those are the only bodies involved. What is behind this frenzy is ostensibly a religious conviction—God, according to the Judeo-Christian tradition, commanded us humans to go forth and multiply. So giving women the choice of having a sex life and not getting pregnant interferes with God 's plan, and we can 't have that.” (Women 's Health, 2015) People are just to critical about others beliefs and their own opinions, they become to scared to talk to their parents or even doctors about birth control for fear they might be punished for being sexually active. We just

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