The Dangers Of Birth Control

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Brooke is a single mother, but she wasn’t a mother by choice. Brooke works at the local Chick-fila making barely minimum wage. Due to her salary, she couldn 't afford birth control, and ended up pregnant when the condom broke. If birth control were cheaper and more accessible Brooke most likely wouldn’t have found herself in this situation. Brooke isn’t alone in this situation, Out of thousand girls twenty-four point four of them had unexpected teen pregnancies in 2014. Although some may believe birth control that is easy to accesses will promote promiscuity, Birth control should be available in drugstores without a prescription because for some people it is difficult to access and not only does it prevent pregnancy but can also help regulate …show more content…
For some women, they may not even be using the pill for the use of preventing pregnancy, “One survey found that more than half of women who take birth control pills do so for reasons other than avoiding pregnancy”(Marquez). Although it is called the birth control pill, it had many other uses in addition to preventing pregnancy. They also manage periods by keeping them regulated and even give some a lighter flow, or even stop altogether. Since birth control manages with hormones it can also help with acne. Just because the primary use for birth control is contraception, it has many other benefits. This statistic shows that the idea that birth control promoting promiscuity is completely false, although some do go on it for protection, that 's not really a bad thing. One of the many diseases it helps is menorrhagia a dangerous and sometimes fatal disease. “Heavy menstrual bleeding (called menorrhagia) affects about 10% of reproductive-age women. If it 's not treated, it can lead to anemia. The pill lowers your blood loss by thinning the lining of your uterus”(Marquez). Being on the pill can be exceedingly beneficial to one 's health. Amina is a life-threatening disease that can be fatal if it goes untreated. For some women, this pill could be life saving by managing the blood flow. The pill might not promote promiscuity, but it does help with a serious, yet overlooked problem: excessive bleeding, which can cause other problems, like dizziness, fatigue, and anemia. Don 't let the name fool you, the Birth control pill isn 't just birth control: “Reduced bleeding and cramping with periods, which lowers the risk of anemia, Fewer or no periods (with certain types of pill), Reduced pain during ovulation, Reduced risk of pelvic inflammatory disease

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