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  • A Grandfather Living On Mars Analysis

    Plot Synopsis: A grandfather living on a small Mars colony will begin the story by telling his kids about how he was one of the first astronauts to begin colonizing Mars. In his story, he will talk about how they survived the journey over, how their rocket worked, the specific flight path, and other particulars related to their mission. The flight and landing will introduce conflict in the form of technical glitches or psychological issues. The denouement will end the story with a successful landing. The central topic of my scifi story will be the epic struggle in making a yearlong travel from Earth to the inhospitable world of Mars. One of the main contentions in making the journey to Mars, completely ignoring the viability of living there, is how to sustain small populations of humans along the way. {Something about Apollo Life Support Systems}. Unlike the Apollo mission, which only needed to keep the astronauts in a state of semi-well being for a few weeks, the astronauts who join missions to mars and beyond will be on those ships for about a year or more based on current rocket capabilities [6]. Rockets like the MarsOne are trying to bring along all their materials with them, but this strategy requires exorbitant amounts of fuel and does not account for many external factors [6]. Assuming we want to conserve as much water and air as possible, it is likely that deep space vehicles will have to employ systems to recycle water and oxygen similar to the International…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should We Live In Space?

    The leaps we have taken to learn what is found in space is quite remarkable, we started out just looking with our naked eye wondering what we were even looking at, to now-a-days where we are trying to answer the question of should we live in space. Scientist, Head NASA officials, and so many more have expressed their personal opinions on what is going to happen next, and one bit of common ground that they can all come to is that money is going to be a main issue. With the International Space…

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  • Why Astronaut Should Not Go To Space

    Space is a different dimension that can be deadly or breath-taking. People are curious to understand the space and what lies beyond the universal. This can be accomplished by sending astronauts to space to explore the changes in Earth and operate advanced technology such as Satellites and space stations. Nevertheless, most astronauts are not ready to withstand primitive conditions such as prolonged absences and stress environment. Even though they train themselves to be prepare, they are not…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Space Travel

    Humans landed on the moon for the first time 47 years ago. Now, NASA and other private companies could build and international colony up there within the next decade. Two of the main issues concerning space travel is the cost of sending food and the physical and mental condition of the astronauts. If scientists predict that we will have colonies on the moon and Mars they need to figure out a feasible way to feed the astronauts. Good morning/afternoon/evening, my name is Claudia Van Dyke and I…

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  • The Importance Of Funding NASA

    These past few years the US government has drastically lowered the amount of funding NASA receives, hindering what they are able to do. However, recently privately owned companies such as SpaceX and Boeing have begun to design commercial space ships, and have even had major success and break through with those ships. Space is one of the last places, that we’re able to truly explore and find new things that could possibly help us back here on earth. Given this, NASA should receive a higher amount…

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  • Mir Aimal Kansi Case

    waiting for their turn to the entrance. At the same time, coming from another vehicles a lone gunman emerge. Stopped behind the other vehicles, armed with an AK-47 assault rifle proceed to move among other vehicles firing the weapon into them. Within seconds, CIA employees identified as Frank Darling and Lansing Bennett that were killed and Nicholas Starr, Calvin Morgan, and Stephen Williams were wounded by the gunshots. Later on, the gunmen identified as Mir Aimal Kansi, a native Pakistani.…

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  • Liver Cancer Case Study

    Mature miRNAs and proteins form the RNA-induced 2 silencing complex (RISC), mediates post-transcriptional gene silencing through induction of mRNA degradation or translational inhibition (Zhao, et al., 2015; Zheng, et al., 2016). Mature miRNAs can also regulate negatively by either translational inhibition or by mRNA degradation. MiRNAs can act as tumor-suppressor genes and also as oncogenes (Zhao, et al., 2015). The miRNAs can add to tumor progression. These works by modulating the expression…

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  • Study Of The Coat Color Of Alpaca

    and tyrosinase-related proteins[6, 14-16]. The 3’ UTR of MITF gene had over 3 kb in the mouse, and 35% of the bases were conserved in the mouse 3’UTR compared with all the species. So long conserved sequence in 3’UTR suggested that the region might have a regulation function[17]. At the 3’UTR of MITF, many miRNAs binding sites were found by publicly available algorithms (TargetScan 5.2, www.targetscan. org; miRBase, microrna.sanger.ac.uk), but these miRNAs exact functions targeted MITF were not…

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  • Narrative Ideas And Themes In The Chess Players By Satyajit Ray

    R5A Final Essay Narrative threads can be transformed and presented differently between an adaption and original text to allude to separate and various layers of the significant historical background, characters, and themes of the same story. Satyajit Ray’s adaption of Premchand’s “Chess Players” attempts to delineate the historical scene in nineteenth-century Lucknow, a city distinguished for its Nawabi or aristocratic style, its potent civic decadence and its relished taste in music and the…

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  • Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Summary

    the form of Peter Mir, and our Sir Gawain is Lucas Graffe. Throughout the novel Mir is trying to unveil Lucas’s true nature as a genuinely evil man to all…

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