The Dangers Of Computers

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Computers have become vital to our everyday lives. We use them for just about everything. Why wouldn’t we? They’re quick and pretty simple to use. From using them to online shop to recording data of your businesses precious information. Computers have become completely necessary in keeping a company alive and thriving. Without having them to do some of the simplest things, it would be extremely difficult to survive in the business world. This invention is an incredible helping hand, but having such a remarkable tool, users tend to forget the dangers this machine can hold within itself. A majority of businesses use computers to complete several daily tasks such as, keeping track of profits, order new merchandise and tools and to ship out products …show more content…
Many places are jobs where you simply sit at a desk for seven to eight hours a day for about five days every week typing away at a computer. With the increase in computer use, a number of health and safety concerns that relate to vision, body aches and pains have risen. These issues start out small and without addressing them they can quickly lead to more serious problems (Health). Problems such as throbbing, tingling, stiffness and numbness can occur quite frequently when having to sit at a computer for hours at a time. Just about every person who sits at a computer will eventually develop terrible posture leading to discomfort in the neck and shoulders. Ignoring these symptoms can have bad outcomes such as, repetitive strain injury and musculoskeletal problems (Better). Many problems that are caused with the use of computers are temporary and can be resolved by correcting your actions. These problems are almost all preventable such as, correcting your posture and taking breaks from your repetitive schedule of sitting and using the computer, however is it highly important to seek medical attention when experiencing symptoms that are worsening and that are not going away with the attempt of correction. Granted, this may be the job a person chooses to do, a job that someone wants to do, but developing symptoms that can harm you greatly isn’t the best thing. People who operate and work with computers on …show more content…
These processers offer the application of different types of software that helps businesses keep track of documents, files, and schedules (Writing). Also, they permit businesses to organize all of their information in an accessible manner. Overall, the ability for this machine to organize a whole companies files effectively leads to superior time management and can possibly save money. For example, because computers allow work to be done quicker and more effectively, it’s possible for a company to hire less people, saving them money. The speed of a computer is also another beneficial detail. They collect all sorts of feedback and materials, allowing companies to operate much faster and yield better quality results (Writing). Computers can also help create higher sales and profits for businesses. Numerous businesses now operate online, which allows customers from all over the world to shop for their products and services. Without the use of computers in such business wouldn’t lead to better sales and production. Another beneficial outcome with the use of computers in a business is that it helps people from within a business communicate with each other and anyone else for that matter. This saves a lot of time. For example, instead of printing a document, then having to mail it out to some other destination, workers can simply use email or any other type of messaging source. The document reaches the person

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