The Importance Of Building A Computer

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Approximately two years ago I was able to make a dream of mine become true. Countless hours of researching and shifting between different parts lead me to craft a work of my own. Building a computer from scratch was such a great accomplishment that as I look back at it I have realized it was more influential than what I had speculated. Realizing that this accomplishment symbolized the introduction of myself from childhood to adulthood. As a result even my Mother and my Aunt provided me with a nickname Dexter. A smart cartoon character who spends a vast amount of his time on a laboratory building revolutionary machines. It was a transition point in which I learned about the similarities between a computer and a human being. Technology is often …show more content…
They have such like qualities that I often find myself comparing them. In the process of assembling all the parts together I understood this comparison and initiated to make all these different connections.

Six months of researching lead me to this point. The arrival of the chassis of the computer, a beginning to an end. I had waited so long that I didn’t really know where to start. Almost like a mother waiting for a baby, nine months of pregnancy until a child is born. Yet it’s just the beginning to a new journey in life. Figuring out how to work with such a limited amount of space. All these cables serve a purpose yet they take up a vast amount of space. The chassis the skeleton of my body such a vital part but sometimes not regarded. This black object with red stripes which appears fragile yet it’s solid. Even washing my hands before touching it feels like I would cause it damaged. When the bolts are turned to keep the motherboard in place one must achieve a perfect amount of turns if not there can be damage.My father’s heart was damaged during the installation process. When he was in Honduras he received a death
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People who have empowered me in my life have served the same purpose. They are the driven force for following my dreams. They provide me with ideas and resources which I can benefit from. My US history teacher always told my class to dream higher even when I believed you have to be realistic he has taught me to never be afraid to attempt something even though it’s out of reach. His way of teaching in which he calls us scholars and “9” percenters has helped me to dream higher. His teaching of philosophy has helped me to value other’s ideas even if I don’t agree with them. My A+ teacher providing me with resources to achieve my goals of working in the IT field. His countless hours spent after school to provide me with information to pass the CompTIA certification. It’s this power supply that keeps me dreaming and the people who have helped me the fuel. The hard drive a components which stores data for long term and it retrieves it at a later time. It’s what reminds you why you do certain things and keeps you with hope. As you dig into my files you can find my past experiences which have helped me developed my passion for computers. Helping my family at home with technology is one of these memories which have stuck with me throughout this journey. Working in a partially blind senior center helping elderly people benefit from technology as

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