The Importance Of A Computer

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What’s the device that almost everyone uses and it makes life easier for people every day? One that helps us perform tasks quicker and allows us to communicate with one another with the click of a button. Have you ever thought about what happens when you push the power button of a computer? My speech will give you a basic understanding of how a computer works. A computer is a data processing device that performs four major functions input, process, output and storage.
The first major function is input. An input device lets you enter data and instructions into your computer. Some of the most common forms of input devices are a keyboard that is used to enter typed data, a mouse that moves the pointer across the screen clicking a user’s responses,
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The process function is done by the CPU, central processing unit of the computer which acts as the brain, and this is located on the motherboard or main circuit board that contains the electronic components used to run the computer. The CPU controls and handles the hundreds of commands or input that is fed into the computer by various means. The speed in which it performs this is determined by the size of the CPU and memory it has enabling it to decode all the instructions that are being entered. The motherboard also houses slots for expansion cards giving the computer additional space for more circuit boards. By using expansion cards it gives the computer more versatility allowing it to emit sound through speakers, and even allowing a connection for optional video …show more content…
To save data permanently you need to save it to your hard drive or another nonvolatile storage device such as an external hard drive. It is simplest to say the computer’s primary device for permanent storage is the internal hard drive, and it can hold large capacities of data. There are several types of external hard drives that offer storage, but are located outside of the computer system. They connect to the computer through a USB port. The number one reason people use external hard drives are to back up data from the internal hard drive in case the computer crashes and they need to recover the information or they need additional space when the internal drive becomes to full. Some examples of these types of devices are, of course the external hard drive which normally has the capability of holding large amounts of data, a flash drive sometimes referred to as a USB drive, jump drive, or thumb drive, and DVD’s. The most common daily storage device is probably the flash drive, it offers convenience. They are smaller and portable allowing you to pop them in your pocket and take them with you anywhere. This type of storage comes in different amount of memory capacity based on your storage needs. These devices make it easy to transfer digital data between your computer and gadgets such as the digital camera, smartphone or

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