Unit 28 P1 And P3

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Unit 28 – P1 & M1
In this report I will explain the brief outline of the web architecture and components which allow the internet and website to function. I will construct a flow diagram to show the various different stages and processes that information must pass through to get from server to screen.

Web Architecture
Web architecture is the term used for web design, this is a method to plan and design websites. Web architecture focuses on the user and user requirements. When planning a website you will need to include all the different aspects from appearance to technical. You will also need to require the business plan, interaction design, usability and web design to make your website successful and individual.
ISP stands for internet
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You have to pay for a domain name, a domain name is an easy name for people to remember i.e. IKEA. You can either pay for a domain all at once or you can pay for it monthly, the system setup by the domain name registrar translates IP addresses into easily recognisable domain names. It is important to register a suitable domain name which is recognisable and links to your company and brand. Successful ecommerce companies on the internet have recognisable names which makes them stand out and different from each other i.e. Amazon, eBay and …show more content…
People can view webpages that may contain text, images, videos and other multimedia and you can navigate between them through hyperlinks. To access the internet you need a web browser and here are some examples of the browsers Firefox, Internet explorer and google chrome.
Computer Hardware is the collection of elements that constitutes a computer system, computer hardware is physical parts or component of a computer i.e.
 Monitor – to view the displayed websites that have been requested
 Mouse
 Keyboard
 Computer data storage
 Hard drive disk
 Speakers
Software – Browser, email, protocols
Computer software is any set of readable instructions that directs a computers processor to follow specific operations.
 Browser – A browser is a software application that is stored on a machine that allows someone to access the internet
 Web service – A web server is a hardware device that is used to host an ecommerce website.
 Web authoring tools- A web authoring tool is used to develop the front end of an ecommerce

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