E-Business Model Case Study

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3.1: Illustrate the different e-business models that can be used to generate revenue for a business and identify the e-business model used by your organization
Business – to – Business (B2B): While an intermediate purchaser buys a product to sell the product to the consumer, it is called Business to Business transaction. There is an opportunity for the Gentry Retailers to make revenue on the commission. The Gentry Retailers can use this process for providing product in bigger markets.
Business – to – Consumer (B2C): In the Business – to – Consumer (B2C) process, a product is sold to its customers directly. Under this model the Gentry Retailers uses its web systems that sell a product directly with lists and products details to the consumer
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It helps the business firm to make a better revenue wherein they directly sell to customers. The B2C model includes organization, suppliers, customers, payment processing sites and logistics partners of the business firm. The B2C model directly helps an organization to create direct interaction between organization and the customer.
It deals with a huge capacity of selling products using just a single e-mail that goes to the customer account and back end of organization as a confirmation. It is a smart process of selling products. Since this process contact direct to its customers, it reduces the marketing and advertising cost. It is very helpful for creating revenue with limited variety and stock of products. 24/7 hours transaction facility helps the company to generate more profit.
Analyzing B2B model to generate
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The Gentry Retailers can ensure proper customer support via the web by using attractive methods. The customer service should be operated for 24/7 hours. The Gentry Retailers cans also different social media such as Face book as the advertising and promotional platform. It should ensure retailer services directly via such social media. Products details with especial discounts can attract the customers. Task 4: Developing a good website for your chosen e-business
4.1: Based on your e-business, which key elements of good web design structure you want to use and adopt
The Gentry Retailers should be careful regarding the web designing to attract the visitors. Foot this reason it can follow the described things towed design below-
Good visual design – it can use different attractive visual elements including logo, theme, layout, white space, colors and font (Swanson and Mullaly, 2012). So that the website become more attractive and live.
Content – It should develop the contents with full product description that will be relevant and helpful including name, size, color, payment options, offers and availability.
Navigation – All products should be categorized into different groups. So that customers can go where they want and search out the relevant

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