The Value Proposition Of Tesco

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In today’s business, e-business is very common for utilizing information and communication technology to support all the activities of the business. E-business is a business that runs via online, it is including buying and selling of goods and services through the internet. With e-business, companies are able to link their internal and external data processing system to be more effective and efficient. It involves business process spanning in the entire value chain like supply chain management, electronic purchasing, automatically process the orders and customer service and also enable the company to cooperate with their business partners.
Due to the increased competitiveness in the hypermarket industry. With the implementation
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Tesco has more online customer than other supermarket in UK. Following are the purposes of Tesco e-business strategy: Value proposition. This element refers to the value the firm offers to a specific target customer segment. ICT have had their most important impact on new ways of creating and delivering value (Benjamin, Wigand, 1995). Tesco online system is simpler and they also have friendly user interfaces which make the customers easy to access. Customers feel more comfortable using online system as, the goods they purchased will be sent to their home. Tesco provides approximate time of delivery to its customers which ensure that someone is home to collect their items within the given timeframe. Online advertising by cooperate with network partner. This element of the e-business is closely tied to the value proposition and the value creation process. Management literature defines strategic networks as “stable inter-organizational ties which are strategically important to participating firms. They may take the form of strategic alliances, joint-ventures, long-term buyer-supplier partnerships, and other ties” (Gulati, Nohria and Zaheer, 2000). Tesco give focus on online advertising campaign for the promotion purpose, Facebook and Twitter have the greater hand to make the closer relationship with customers and for promotional campaign of Tesco. Presently there are 19 Tesco themed Twitter …show more content…
Tesco can open for 24 hours everyday, which make the customers enable to access or view the content every time, whenever the customer need the goods or items, they can do purchasing every time without boundaries. The e-business strategy also helps Tesco to increase the revenue of the company, as the business is open every time and gain extra profits for the company.
Save cost and time. By adopting the e-business strategy, Tesco can reduce their cost as they do not need to spend extra money on expenses like electricity and other facilities and also it helps to maximize the efficiency of the company’s operations from the warehouses to tills which is time-consuming. It also helps the customers to reduce time and money spent as travel time and cost, to and from the store, is now eliminated.
Go global. Globalization in terms of product promotion and sales to reach a wider range of consumers. No matter where the customers lived, as long as there is internet connection, then they can do purchasing. This really helps Tesco to do promotion easily, as the internet is growing rapidly, the user of internet is keep growing and increasing, by using e-business strategy, Tesco brand can go all around the world, which helps them to go global and has more new

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