Statistical significance

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  • Regression Analysis In Public Education

    There is little doubt public education in the United States is under intense scrutiny from the American public in recent years. In Mississippi, years of negative student outcomes have created a great deal of negative publicity for the state’s public schools. It is important for educators, whether at the district level, research level, or policymaking level, to continue to study available data to identify areas of weakness with the realm of education and work collaboratively to remedy those…

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  • Yuen's Test Of Heteroscedasticity

    statistic and it’s standard error are given on pages of Rand Wilcox’s book [4]. REJECTION REGIONS Once again, instead of relying on critical values, a pre-defined p value cut-off of 0.05 was used to determine significance i.e. it was determined before looking at the data that the significance level of the test would be 0.05.…

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  • Comprehensibility In Oral English Case Study

    Proficiency was measured on a Likert scale from (1-7), and comprehensibility was comprised of five 7-point bipolar scale. 7. Describe the statistical tests that the researcher(s) used to analyze the data he/she/they collected. Identify which test was used for which question/hypothesis. Ignore procedures that are not related to the question/hypothesis Statistical test that were used: a. Standardized coefficient Beta b.…

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  • Traditional Vs Flipped Classes Essay

    (Harrington, Bosch, Schools, Beel-Bates, Anderson) Yes statistical significance was presented and insignificant. The results were not compelling findings. Many of the test scores did not show which testing style was more appropriate to teach with. Limitations are constricting to studies and this one holds a large one…

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  • Statistical Research In Health Care

    Statistical Research An interesting topic to study would be the way geriatric patients are being treated in health care facilities. This is because as the elderly are getting closer to the end of their lives, many are starting to decline. Meaning that the elderly can become less verbal, making it harder for them to communicate and carry a conversation. Therefore, does this make it harder on the caregiver to provide the proper care? For an example, as the nurse taking care of an elderly…

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  • Temperament's Theory-Of-Mind Development

    The three aspects of temperament that showed a statistically significant correlation with the ToM results from the second wave of testing, were shyness/withdrawal, perceptual sensitivity, and aggression. None of the other tested traits had statistical significant correlation to ToM, but attentional focusing had a positive correlation to the block test and IC, while activity level had a negative correlation to IC. Both shyness/withdrawal and perceptual sensitivity showed a positive correlation…

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  • Regression Analysis Report Sample

    Probably Error of the Mean and the t-test Table which consider the differences between two groups by looking at their means while weighing their sample error that is influenced by sample size. Slide 8: Another term that you will report about your statistical results or findings is the ‘degrees of freedom.’ This term refers to how many values are free to vary in a set of values if we know the summary statistic and the number of values in the set; how many values would we need to know in order…

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  • Assignment 2-8 Statistical Analysis

    2-8- Statistical analysis Results are presented as mean±standard deviation (SD) of two replicated determinations. Data were subjected to one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and multiple comparisons were performed by Duncan's test. Statistical significance was set at P>0.05. All analyses were performed using SAS version 9.1 (PROC GLIMMIX; SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC). 3. Results and discussion 3-1- physicochemical changes of grape juice contain encapsulated probiotics 3-1-1- pH According to…

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  • Ondek Pty Ltd: A Case Study

    pylori, the CD80 gMFI values of THP-1 cells exposed to H. pylori derived products in the absence of LPS stimulation were determined and compared with the corresponding value of negative controls. Statistical analysis of the values was then performed using one way ANOVA with Tukey’s post-hoc test to find any statistically significant differences between the means of CD80 gMFI values of the negative control, positive control, and test samples. Samples…

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  • Null Hypothesis

    RESULT & OBSERVATION The hypothesis for statistical testing must be written as Null hypothesis (H0) and Alternate (Research) hypothesis (H1) form. H0 1= There is no significant relationship between body height, foot length and knee height in both the sexes. H1 1= There is relationship between body height, foot length and knee height and are significant in both the sexes. H0 2= Body height is equally…

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