Statistical significance

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  • Unburned Research Paper

    Out of all, the burned area showed a significant increase in longleaf pines, (Pinus Palustris) and a decrease in woody species, compared to the unburned area. In fact, it jumped from a frequency of 15 in the unburned area to a frequency of 50; which is two times that of the burned area (see figure 1). Compared to all other species of tree, Pinus Palustris experienced the most increase of frequency. Whereas, Pinus Clausa or sand pine, was only present in the burned area showing that it was a…

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  • Power And Influence Of Social Media On College Students

    (two-tailed) is .000 for Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. This is below the pre-specified alpha of 0.05. Therefore, there is a significant statistical difference between these three social networking sites. However, the Sig (two-tailed) for Twitter, YouTube and Tinder has a higher pre-specified alpha of 0.05, which means that it does not have a significant statistical difference between these three social networking sites. Further analysis also found out that “social media takes up more time…

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  • Cypress Lab Report

    This experiment was devised to discover the effect of Soil Salinity on the health of a Bald Cypress sapling. This is highly relevant to the people of Southeastern Louisiana. Ever since more land has begun to be lost, salt intrusion has affected the freshwater swamps causing Cypress Trees to die and continue the cycle of land loss ("Salt Tolerance of Southern Baldcypress"). This experiment’s results were to help the understanding of Cypress Tree salt tolerance and discover why the Cypress Swamps…

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  • Usa And Liberty Mutual Case Study

    Summary This is a liability Dispute between USAA (USAA) and Liberty Mutual (LM). USSA contends that LM is 100% at fault. LM contends that USAA Shares 15% liability. Liability LM is the proximate cause of this loss for failure to yield right of way. USAA Shares 15% liability for failing to maintain proper lookout and failing to take reasonable evasive action. Damages The damage dispute Disputed was Proven by LM the total labor hours from the estimate provided by USAA was 19.4 based on 4…

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  • Bubble Lens Research Paper

    Cover Page Warm-Up: The paper presents the concept of the bubble lens which is actually a new targeted acquisition strategy which treats the restrictions associated with the Bubble Cursor in order to boost the speed as well as precision concerning obtaining little; compact targets precisely the targets in which the Bubble Cursor tends to degenerates towards the point cursor. As part of an initial research, we discover the Bubble Cursor carried out inadequately once targets experienced a…

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  • Methadone Case Study

    I attended a hearing on your behalf in the above matter before Judge Burke in Hudson, New York on 07/18/17. The claimant was not present. His attorney, Paul Lahey, appeared by phone. As you know, this case is established for an injury to the back injury with an average weekly wage of $1,241.00. The claimant has been out of work since 2006. On 12/05/15, he was classified with a permanent partial disability with a 75% loss of wage-earning capacity. He was also found not to be attached to the…

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  • Fixed Effect Model

    patent and scientific journal published are statistically significant in the fixed effect model. The coefficients of these variables as a measure of national innovation system are positive and statistically significant at the 1% and 5% levels of significance which implies that national innovation system as a whole has a positive effect on economic growth in BRICS economies and in consequence spurs their economic growth. With regards the relative effect which is explained by the dynamic panel…

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  • Self-Efficacy Theory In Nursing

    Study Findings and its Implications Lorig, Ritter, Villa, and Arnas (2010) conducted a randomized longitudinal study to understand the effectiveness of a community-based diabetes self-management program on health status such as hemoglobin A1C, weight, depression, fatigue, self-related health, frequency of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia symptoms; self-management behaviors; and self-efficacy. The study revealed that there was statistically significant improvement in depression, symptoms of…

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  • Periodontitis: An Experimental Study

    Various risk factors influence the progression of periodontitis and contribute towards the ability of bacteria to invade periodontal tissue. Consequently, the inflammatory process caused by bacterial infection, causes soft tissue destruction and bone loss (Berezow & Darveau, 2011). Stress and anxiety cause an increased level of adrenocorticotropic hormones, such as cortisol in blood and saliva. Cortisol has an immunosuppressive effect on the host, strengthening the ability for pathogenic…

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  • Cognitive Facial Recognition

    Recent developments in the study of cognitive facial recognition have perceived a determination that there are several areas that function to facilitate this action. The purpose of the study performed by WB Thompson, JH Mueller was to verify the hemispheric conditions and limitations in facial recognition. The core consideration was the aspect that primarily lateralisation of cortical functioning has consistently used facial stimulation. This has been conjectured due to the concept that…

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