Statistical significance

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  • Temperament's Theory-Of-Mind Development

    The three aspects of temperament that showed a statistically significant correlation with the ToM results from the second wave of testing, were shyness/withdrawal, perceptual sensitivity, and aggression. None of the other tested traits had statistical significant correlation to ToM, but attentional focusing had a positive correlation to the block test and IC, while activity level had a negative correlation to IC. Both shyness/withdrawal and perceptual sensitivity showed a positive correlation…

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  • Assignment 2-8 Statistical Analysis

    2-8- Statistical analysis Results are presented as mean±standard deviation (SD) of two replicated determinations. Data were subjected to one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and multiple comparisons were performed by Duncan's test. Statistical significance was set at P>0.05. All analyses were performed using SAS version 9.1 (PROC GLIMMIX; SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC). 3. Results and discussion 3-1- physicochemical changes of grape juice contain encapsulated probiotics 3-1-1- pH According to…

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  • Ondek Pty Ltd: A Case Study

    pylori, the CD80 gMFI values of THP-1 cells exposed to H. pylori derived products in the absence of LPS stimulation were determined and compared with the corresponding value of negative controls. Statistical analysis of the values was then performed using one way ANOVA with Tukey’s post-hoc test to find any statistically significant differences between the means of CD80 gMFI values of the negative control, positive control, and test samples. Samples…

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  • Null Hypothesis

    RESULT & OBSERVATION The hypothesis for statistical testing must be written as Null hypothesis (H0) and Alternate (Research) hypothesis (H1) form. H0 1= There is no significant relationship between body height, foot length and knee height in both the sexes. H1 1= There is relationship between body height, foot length and knee height and are significant in both the sexes. H0 2= Body height is equally…

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  • Paperclips: An Experimental Study

    A within subject’s experimental design, compared the perceived differences in length of different sized paperclips on different body parts. The perceived distance of the paperclips, were rated on a scale of 0 to 2; zero meaning equal, one meaning shorter and two meaning longer. There were three conditions; the Finger-Wrist condition, the Finger-Forearm condition, and the Wrist-Forearm condition. 20-psychology students participated in the study. All 20 participants participated in all three…

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  • Pulvinaria Floccifera Case Study

    2. Number of field generations: Data present in fig (1 and 2) and Table (2 and 3) indicated that the cottony camellia scale, P.floccifera has one annual generation, and these results were ensured throughout the two years of study of the insect population under field condition at Assiut governorate. The number of generations was taken from the annual number of peaks of nymphs. During the first year of investigation, the percentage of nymph population recorded 78.81%of the total population through…

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  • Goals In Field Work

    The questions posed should be reflective of your goals and should appeal to a large audience. Committees always want to know your potential and if you can convey your ideas effectively. Before starting, find out what most interest you, not you advisor nor anyone else. If no ideas come to mind, refer back to previous studies for ideas. Develop your questions, and don’t be obsessed about perfection; a lot of factors in field work are out your control, so try several experiments at once, and work…

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  • Lansoprazole Analysis

    Table 5 Evaluation of Lansoprazole microparticles Formulation Code Particle size(μm) Percentage (%) yield Entrapment efficiency (%) F1 181.35± 0.5 72.6±0.10 61.84±0.16 F2 200.53± 0.6 74.4±0.45 63.29±0.70 F3 221.70±1.1 77.80±0.96 64.69±0.90 F4 225.2±0.57 81.60±0.52 66.90±0.90 F5 240.72±0.8 83.52±0.56 73.35±0.46 F6 246.72±0.4 87.71±0.20 75.00±0.09 Surface morphology of the lansoprazole microspheres were shown in Figure 6. Particle surface of formulation F1 was slightly rough surface but…

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  • Motivation And Agression Analysis

    CHAPTER IV RESULTS AND DISCUSSION Table 1: Relationship between Achievement Motivation and Aggression among Inter Collegiate Hockey Players Variable N M SD df r Achievement Motivation 100 26.28 5.72 98 -0.09 Vs. Aggression 11.15 2.58 rtab (98) = 0.19 It is apparent from the table 1 that obtained value of correlation coefficient (-0.09) is less than the tabulated value of correlation coefficient (0.19). It means there is no significant relationship found between…

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  • Vitruvian Man Experiment Essay

    The Vitruvian Man Experiment Sasha Trimmingham Partner: Carlos Cruz Class: Anatomy and Physiology Teacher: Ms.Grayek Problem: Measuring from the chin to the hairline of multiple subjects will not have the same results Hypothesis: If the bottom of the chin to the top of the head is measured it will be greater than one eighth of a person’s height. Materials • 10 face • 10 body • Meter stick • Ruler • Pen/marker • Paper • Tablet Procedure: 1. Gather all materials 2…

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