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Wilkinson, G. A. (2008). The impact of structured note taking strategies on math achievement of middle school students. Retrieved from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses database. (UMI No. 3524314) This study examined the used of structured notes taking and its impact on student achievement. This study is a quasi-experimental study that used a pre-test/posttest control group of 131 students on curricular exams. The t-test statistics showed no significant difference in posttest scores between the treatment group (M = 77.4, SD =18.3) and the control group (M =79.3, SD = 16.3); t(129) = -0.627, p > .05. However, students who had high to moderate used of their structured notes had significant differences in their pretest/posttest scores t(28) = -3.52, p < .05. This study showed that structured notes taking did not make significant impact on academic achievement between control and treatment group but students who used their structure notes for review made significant gains in their scores. This showed that students can take notes but if they don’t use them, there is no intended benefit for the user.

This study support resource one with KWHL indirectly in that although it is not focused on KWHL specifically, it involved structured
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The study measured 47 students across 4 separate measures such as summative and informal assessment of test scores, completions rates of classwork and teacher’s observations. The research team concluded that the use of clickers improve student learning outcome and participation in mathematics compare to the control group. Special Education and ELL students showed similar results in better test scores. This study showed that clickers had an overall positive impact on academic achievement and classroom participation. Students were more likely to engage with the content and access new

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