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  • Similarities Between Yanomamo And Samoan People

    have diverse ways of experiencing aspects of their culture. There are many commonalities and distinctions between the Yanomamo and Samoan peoples. They have different and similar subsistence methods, divisions of labor, occupational specializations, exchange of goods, and economic links to power. These differences and similarities are striking and deserve thorough examination. One of many aspects Samoan and Yanomamo life that is different is their subsistence methods. The Samoans mainly rely on agriculture. According to Holly Peters-Golden, “clearing the land for planting is hard work” (225). The Samoans use cutting tools like axes and knives get rid of trees and bushes and other foliage. Then the Samoans use small fires to eliminate everything else. Peters-Golden writes that “digging sticks are then employed to dislodge rocks and loosen the soil for…

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  • Samoan 2009 Tsunami Report

    Samoan 2009 tsunami report: What caused the earthquake and tsunami? On Tuesday the 29th of September 2009, a huge tsunami hit Samoa – as well as several other islands – and impacted many, leaving a path of destruction. Tsunamis are big waves that are generated from earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions that occur in the ocean. When the waves move inland they gradually gain height as the ocean gets shallow. So, the speed of the tsunami is related to the depth of the ocean. Tsunamis travel very fast…

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  • Margaret Mead's Research In Samoan Culture

    criticism, it did shed some light into why American adolescent face great emotional and psychological stress. Margaret Mead, an American anthropologist, wrote the book Coming of Age in Samoa. It outlines her research of the sexual lives of the youth on the island of Ta’u in Samoan Islands. Mead believes that adolescents in America face many problems in society and sought to find if all cultures experienced this. She set out to find whether nature or nurture played a role in these problems. Her…

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  • Origin Of Tattooing Essay

    Tattoos of all kinds are seen on the bodies of most of these young people. The Samoan tatau (or pe’a), is the term for ‘tattoos’. The Samoan traditional tatau worn by men begins from the waist and extends below the knee cap, while the malu, “tattoo,” worn by females extends from the top of the thigh down below the knee. These are the traditional adornments by which the tatau and malu are supposed to be worn and the older Samoan people who grew up with the traditions tend to have differing views…

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  • Coming Of Age In Saloa Analysis

    At the age of 24 in 1925, Margaret Mead traveled to Samoa to conduct ethnographic research on the Samoan culture with a focus on female adolescent’s. Her findings were then compiled into her book Coming of Age in Samoa, published in 1928. She portrayed growing up in Samoa as uncomplicated and offering “…no period of crisis or stress, but was instead an orderly developing of a set of slowly maturing interests and activities” (Mead 109). This can be attributed to their societal structure as is…

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  • Racism In The Polynesian Community

    race, it’s like talking to a wall. I struggle to find an answer to their lack of support or their lack of attention on these issues. I truly believe that most Polynesians specifically the Tongan & Samoan community internalized the notion that they have white privilege or are exempted from racial oppression because they are not exactly Latinx or black. As a result, they often turn blind eye to racial issues that has been happening so far. It was not until this event that most of them realized how…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Multiracial Family

    Multiracial Americans have increased in the population. I am black, white and samoan, with a biracial mother and a fully samoan father. Racism/discrimination are circumstances I have never had to deal with in my life. I was always aware of the cruel,racist people in this world but I have never experienced it first hand, just like my father. I never thought I could ever be disrespected in that way, and I have had a blessed enough life to not go through what others struggle with everyday. Having a…

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  • Margaret Mead's Anthropological Perspective

    anthropological terms such as gender, gender norms, gender ideology, and gender performance. In Samoa gender was a very important feature in their society. The rule of women lied within their family’s home, but gave them more freedom to explore their themselves and their sexuality. Their gender ideology contrasts greatly to the gender ideology of the United States. Following the traditional 1920-1940 ideas in the United States, females are expected to be submissive towards men, in all aspects of…

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  • Talofa

    Talofa! It means “Hello” or “Hi” in the Samoan language. A kind greeting, I will never forget. When I was in high school there was no such thing as an openly “gay” person. The ones who knew that you were even an ounce of “gay” you were bullied or maybe even worse things happened. One of my close friends, today is happily married to someone of same sex. Many things have changed over the years, but the view of same sex marriage has been in progress for decades. Today all fifty states of American…

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  • How Do Worldviews Have Shaped Pacific Politics

    addition, the first part of this essay will explore the tradition of Samoa and Tonga, looking further into the traditional history of pacific politics comparing it with post colonialism looking at how the settlers shaped pacific views into the institutions that they are currently using. Secondly, it will look at a more modern view of politics looking further into whether western culture has or has not influenced Pacific world views and politics. Thirdly, it will not only refer back to the…

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