What Is Morally Responsible For An Event?

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Doing Ethics
Question One
a) Casually responsible for an event; this is where a person is involved indirectly to the experiences or sufferings of another person(s) without knowing that anything of the sort could happen. For example, the parents are responsible for providing moral guidance to their children. However, when children make mistakes the society passes the blame to parents, meaning that parents have not been taking preventive measures to stop their children from committing undesirable behavior.
b) Morally responsible for an event; this is where a person directly contributes to the experiences of another person(s) by doing an action that he or she knew would lead to those experiences or sufferings. For example, a drunk driver causes
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However, the retentionist differs according to the kind of death penalty imposed to the cases dealt with. The retentionists arguments are thereby classified according to the justice and social responsibility. First on the side of social justice emphasizes that the offender to be rectified by imposing a according to the proportional of the crime he/ she has committed. When the offender is a murder, capital punishment can be used to compensate or to equalize it. On the other hand, social utility is considered to be the only way through which society protection can achieved through which threats can be minimized where the murderers has continued to threat the society. According this argument capital punishment is appropriate since it to scare the people who are tending to commit …show more content…
Some religion such as Catholic Church beliefs on the natural law theory try to fight against the marriage of the same-sex like homosexuality. For example, Kant who is a philosopher try to sanction same-sex marriages on the basis that such behavior will entail person respect. The word Consequentialism has been used to explain by rejecting or accepting the marriage of the same sex can depending on how people perceives the consequences of such action in the society.
According to the customs or the beliefs of the people the marriage of the same sex should be prohibited. Some people argue against such action by trying to abandon the actual meaning of the marriage. The main purpose of the marriage is to procreate and giving the young ones while the marriage of the same sex cannot procreate. The counterargument with marriage is that there are other function and purpose of the marriage beyond procreation. However, the same sex can also fulfill such

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