New Look Swot Analysis

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New Look
New Look, Private Limited Company, is a British global fashion retailer. It was founded by Tom Singh in wellington, Somerset, United Kingdom in 1969. Since the founding the company has expanded and now have more than 852 stores globally, including countries like Belgium, France, South Korea, Arab Emirates, Russia, and others, 759 of the stores are operated directly by New Look Group Limited, and the rest are operated by franchise partners, with over 30,000 staff in total. And they are present in 120 countries through the online shop.
The previous owners, Apax Partners, Parmira and Tom Singh, sold it to Brait SE for £780 million, in 2015. One of the reasons of that sale was the £1.2 debt. Tom Singh is still in the company as a non-executive
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The owner is in control of everything and is liable for everything as well, such as debt, loans or loss. The owner receives all the profit, after tax, but also all the business debt and loans are proprietor’s also, so the proprietor has unlimited responsibilities. They are eligible to get government grants, bank loans or other organisation grants. But some time it can be hard to find financing from banks, because in most of the cases these are less stablished businesses. An example of sole trader is the local plumber.
Partnership: the business partnership might be created by two or more partners, where each partners shares responsibilities of the business. Normally the profits are shared between the partners. In this type of business, the partners are responsible for their part of share, in losses in the business, for any bills of the business, for example stock or equipment. Not necessarily a partner has to an actual person, another organisation could be a partner, for example a limited
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At the beginning the franchisee will receive training and support to run the business. They have to sign a legal agreement, or contract, where they will set the obligations and rights of both franchisor and franchisee, and also the will determine how long the arrangement will last. Some advantages of franchise are for example, the franchise don’t need a new idea, they can use a tested one, they can use a well-known brand or image of a large well-known business, often the franchisors have a large advertising campaigns or easy access to funding.
Government Department/Agency: The UK government use its executive authority through government departments. The departments are composed of officials, civil servants, working under ministers. The major departments are headed by secretary of state, normally supported by team of junior ministers. There are also non-ministerial departments. These are headed by senior civil servants, but works under the ministerial department. The department work to implement the decisions of the government. To work in the government department, the officials are required to be politically impartial and

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