Television's Impact On Popular Culture

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1. Television, movies, or music?
The three vehicles mentioned above have a huge impact on popular culture and society. Television is the visual element, movies being what I would call the edited visual element and music the element that you hear. Of those three vehicles, television has the greatest impact on politics. Television is used to broadcast news, events, and updates regarding everything happening in our society. Rather it is something that has went viral online, or an after math of a movie or song. Television encompasses everything above and broadcasts that data to the media.
People watch television for everything in today’s society. Television can even be streamed online which makes it helpful for the ever changing society we have
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Different media outlets have come and gone in society and each one had its impact at its particular time such as when television was not around and people relied heavily on radio. The radio had the same impact as television because that was the news source of the time. In my lifetime however, I see television as being the most powerful vehicle in popular culture politics. It has dominated the field for a while but, I think given how advanced society is with electronics now and how everything is caught on video, this avenue will not die, simply because it would be the simplest way to show the dash cams, videos, and cell phone stories of what is happening in today’s society. The other two may not surpass television but, they will continue to feed off what television is portraying to find information and then create media that feeds off of …show more content…
They described him as a thug and this caused racial outrage. It was not just African American people who were upset there were a number of different social groups and people from different ethnic groups who also saw the wrong in the actions of the officer. It caused the mayor to take action and change some laws and precautions as to how the police force runs in Chicago. Then you have other politicians and government officials who exposed how much hatred they had for different races and how stereotypes can consume the thoughts and minds of individuals. It was quite sad to see a teenage shot so many times and to have political figures talk on television about how it was justified. This really caused an uproar with activist against racial violence and on air there have been hundreds of disputes surrounding this prominent issue.
6. What is the impact?
The television vehicle is very important in moving the debate on political issues. Even key moments in history such as the Presidential debates are shown on television. It is very vital in the society we live in today and it always will be in my opinion. If television did not exist, the whole way that we receive information, news and political updates would be

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