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  • Art Analysis: The Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs

    My assigned artwork, The Assyrian Lion Hunt Reliefs expresses a desire for power, permanence and a need to find meaning in the world. The artwork illustrates the Assyrians being led by a king, and as we all know, the kings are the most powerful in a monarchy. The artwork also illustrates the lions being held captive in cages, only released to fight another lion in the ring, showing which lion is the most powerful, almost done as in the gladiators times. The way the artwork shows how to find meaning in the world, was showing the survival of the fetus, I believe. The strong will survive. Furthermore, it shows the king and his official’s executing the lions as they tried to attack him and his people. According to,…

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  • Lion In Yvain

    The prevalence of lions in Medieval European literature raises fascinating notions of its importance and purpose in developing characters. While both the lion in Yvain; or, The Knight with the Lion and The Song of the Cid appear to invoke the fear that comes with seeing a ferocious lion, both books differ in their characterization of the relationship between the lion and the main hero. Yvain’s lion became the knight’s loyal and mighty companion while the Cid’s lion is more of a pet and a plot…

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  • Movement: Anxiety And Movement

    Anxiety and Movement Serene Velocity by Ernie Gehr and So Is This by Michael Snow are two films built from constraints that seem to rely on similar understandings of motion and, in these understandings, evoke similar emotive responses. In these two films, we are presented with velocities. These velocities are causes of tension, frustration, and anxiety. Serene Velocity was filmed in one night in 1970 in a hallway of a building at the University of Binghamton. In a way, the film was made before…

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