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  • 'Mother Tongue' By Amy Tan

    In the piece, “Mother Tongue”written by Amy Tan, Tan made the example with her mother and the hospital to prove to the readers that those who cannot speak perfect, or fluent English will be often disregarded or not equally treated compared to those who speak English well. When Tan described the example with the stockbroker, she wanted the audience to realize how her mother couldn’t get around in California properly with, for lack of a better word, broken English. She also described the feeling…

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  • ESL Grammar Essay

    Teachers from Kindergarten up to twelve grades are in constantly workshops and training of math, language and arts, science, social studies, and other content areas. This is with the purpose of helping students to become better learners. However, many students who came from a different country do not take any benefit from it. Teachers these days can be very talented in their areas of concentration, but they certainly are not trained to help English as a Second Language (ESL) students. With the…

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  • Introduction To Literature Review: Effects Of Peer Tutoring On English Language Learners

    Introduction to Literature Review English language learners have had a history of not regularly attending school and this has led researchers to ask the question, why is school attendance among this demographic so low and what is at the root of the problem? Several researchers in various fields have attempted to answer this very question. They have approached the topic in different ways and have generated various reasons for the occurrence. There are three main issues that the researchers…

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  • Strengths And Stereotypes In Amy Tan's Use Of Language

    There are stereotypes about individuals whose primary language is not English. Many like to judge those individuals harshly and unfairly. Society has played a huge part in the lives of individuals who have ‘limited’ English. Even though, there are many that do not talk or understand English properly yet they should still be treated fairly. Amy Tan and her mother relate to this stigma. People should not judge a book by its cover because you never know if that individual with ‘limited’ English can…

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  • How To Tame Wild Tongue Analysis

    Can we lose our cultural language in the learning the English language? Many people have the advantage of having the knowledge of two different languages. This can be a benefit or a drawback at some point. Some people may argue that we slowly lose our cultural identity once you fully adapt a second language. As in Richard Rodrigues Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood he adapted English as his second language, eventually making it his primary language. Rodriguez used his second language on an…

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  • Multicultural Struggles In Mother Tongue

    Multicultural Struggles Being an immigrant or a multicultural race was often a struggle for many people. Sometimes, immigrants were treated very unfairly. Also, it was hard for immigrants to even start a life in America. Immigrants have to go through a lot of steps to be a citizen and start their life over here. Most times, multicultural people face many obstacles such as learning the language, education, and racism. Education, on the other hand, could also be a positive when coming to America.…

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  • The Influence Of The English Language In The State Of Wales

    The topic of this article is about change and dominance. The author of this article Tom Law, mentions that the English language is very dominant especially in the state of Wales. People from Wales do not speak their native language anymore, because the English language has been taken over. In 2011 only 20 % of the population of Wales could speak Welsh, which is a low number and much lower, then it used to be. Back in 1840’s 80 % of the population spoke Welsh as their native language and they…

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  • Language And Literacy

    Language and Literacy for teachers Assessment 1 Thesis A child’s language development is intertwined with all other areas of their development and therefore it plays an integral role in their cognitive and intellectual growth. Introduction Language is an abstract set of principles that specify the relationship between a sequence of sounds and a sequence of meanings. Everyday life constitutes and intrinsic part of the way language is used. Any communication between people is in a social…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Bilingualism In English

    Bilingualism is everywhere. In our modern world english transcends it s native countries and has become the intermediate language for communications around the world. In fact in the world people are more bilingual than nonolingual’At the same time, in a world inwhich more people are bilingual tha monolingual’. I think that being bilingual make us more special and more flexible.Being bilingual means that we have a lot of emotions and traditions.I think the bilingual education is very important…

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  • Hawaii Language

    Language is a Form of Communication, Nothing More, Nothing Less. “It is necessary to consider the positive social value of all types of language. Speakers of Creole languages should never be perceived as mere casualties of insularity, ignorance, and social isolation. The history of Hawaii Creole English has inspiring accounts of resourcefulness, intellect, and competence that both reflect and sustain local Hawaii culture” (Kanae 58). Movement of the tongue, the flowing of air in and out of…

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