The Importance Of The English Language?

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As a kid growing up I never thought about a language being more important than the English language. I would hear people having conversations in English, billboards or signs are in English, articles or journals are written in English, everything surrounding me was in English. English had become the main communication tool in state and all over the world. Whether it’s business, communication, or education, the English language has taken over internationally. I think that the English language should be the main language used internationally. English has taken over international business in a dramatic way. English is “The fastest-spreading language in human history, English is spoken at a useful level by some 1.75 billion people worldwide—that’s …show more content…
American students have the chance to study abroad because of how much the english language has evolved throughout all of these years. When you go on the internet or open a book the first thing you see would be the english text. Learning how to read and write the English language is a very important factor in education. In a study conducted by Stephen Wilkins and Jolanta Urbanovic, it showed how “English has become the lingua franca in international higher education, and governments have set targets even for public universities to introduce programs taught in English, examples being Lithuania (Urbanovič & Wilkins, 2013) and Malaysia (Onsman, 2012).” Also, many parents are choosing to have their children be taught english in school to enhance their communication skills. English “is the language that is perceived to carry essential linguistic capital, and parents in non-Anglophone countries are increasingly choosing to educate their children in English.” Getting an early start when learning the English language is an extremely valuable opportunity. There are many issues that can evolve when not being properly educated on about English. When you get older and its almost time to start looking for a job, it would give you the greater advantage knowing that you know a lot more about the English language than any other person competing for that same

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