Empire Of The Word Essay

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As a matter of fact, every historian or person with basic knowledge in history draws to the conclusion that history repeats itself throughout generations. Nevertheless, what differs from being the same are the light way agents that change over time such as the insistence and the environment. The term “insistence” is defined here, as the variation of the desire for success, and the “environment” is defined as the advances of technology in every epoch. Truthfully, when analyzing the book Empires of the Word, A Language History of the World one realizes that most of the outcomes, the taken decisions, and the approaches of the elite countries of the modern world towards certain problems are the reflection of what happened centuries ago, while stressing the vital role that languages have played. …show more content…
Not only it is true for the million of immigrants that have come to the U.S.A with poor English skills—or none—and forced, due to the circumstances, to work in menial jobs, but was also true for the merchants with an appetence to expand their business to near lands. Beyond that, one has the opportunity to be impartial and see both sides of the problem, reaching to almost precise information. If an individual, for instance, speaks English and Arabic, he/she could listen and read the genuine news about the Middle Eastern’s problems, without any altered translation that tends to see political bias the country that translated

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