Internet Censorship And The Internet

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Controlled Chaos The internet has a dominating influence over todays world, because it acts as a central source of information, entertainment, and communication. Essentially the internet is vital for performing everyday tasks, but there are also negative sides to the internet. On a good note, almost anything can be researched on the web because it stores ample amounts of data. For example, students prefer to search the internet over searching through library books to find data while conducting a research paper. Also, people have access to an array of entertainment that suits their particular interests. A good illustration of mass entertainment variety, is a viewers accessibility to view foreign television shows from other countries. Above all the internet is predominantly used for communication which allows social interactions to take place across the world. For instance, business uses email to correspond with employees as well as other companies to establish high standards of …show more content…
However, censorship has been a tool in protecting corporate and government reputations around the world. According to How Internet Censorship Works companies like Facebook, Apple, and Flicker have all used censorship for moral and legal reasons. This means that a citizens rites are protected when they participate in the emotional harm of others, but when the reputation of a large companies is in jeopardy, internet providers are able to violate people rites to limit loss. Unfortunately, limiting how people are protected the First Amendment will create a continued decrees in peoples freedom. This means that, overtime restrictions could create an opposite affect and instead of protecting people, it could hold everyone prisoner. For this reason, it is very important that people educate themselves on their rites, so that people can better understand what their freedom actually

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