Nicholas Carr The Shallows Analysis

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“ The Shallows”, by Nicholas Carr explains that 's the internet has a positive and a negative affect in our lives and he says, “ it is so much our servants that it would seem churlish to notice it is also our master.”(4) Our phone serves us but it also controls our lives, but we doesn 't seem to notice. From this assignment the Internet has a great impact on our lives. In fact, the internet is so helpful to us it is also detrimental to our actual learning curves for the simple reason that we are “learning” topics and subject matter so quickly that we seem to forget sometimes that there are actually people behind the information that we are reading. While I was doing my 24 hour log I realized my phone has a big impact on my daily routine. Whether it 's waking up in the morning or going to bed, I always have my phone near me. I often contemplate …show more content…
It has also affected the work world in the sense of business’ because they are able to buy or sell anything within seconds of the initial thought of action. It has also changed our lives in a huge way and there is no arguing that fact. The internet is also a sneaky animal in itself enticing you to come back for another bite, for instance all the free music, videos and movies. This seems to have that habit forming effect on our brains simply because who doesn 't love free stuff. The internet is a fantastic tool for us to use, however it also has its drawbacks such as interaction with the outside world. If you go to dinner, movies or even hang out with family and friends most of the people are engaged on their phones. They would rather chat online with other people and look at their phones rather than communicate with the person right across of them. “ Our focus on a medium’s content can blind us to these deep effects. We’re too busy being dazzled or disturbed by the programming to notice what’s going on inside our

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