Does The Internet Make You Dumber By Nicholas Carr Analysis

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The essay, “Does the Internet Make You Dumber?” written by Nicholas Carr, addresses the negative impact that the internet has on us. He uses experiments from highly recognized universities and people to support his view. He emphasizes that the use of technology and multitasking distracts us which leads to lack of focus, “turning us into scatter superficial thinkers.” Carr conveys that while we may think we are good multitaskers, we need to focus to meaningfully understand and retain knowledge. He expresses how negative the loss of mental discipline and strength can affect our lives with the use of a hyperbole. The long-term effect of our intellectual lives could be “deadly.”(Carr)
In this opinion piece, he is aware of all the positives that
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Due to the quick thinking skills that were instilled in us through the use of the internet, we are losing our higher order cognitive ability that was once gained from reading books. The quote by Carr is simply saying that the use of the internet can make us less interesting in terms of our thinking process. He provokes emotion through this quote with just the word “Sacrifice”. In short he could simply ask ‘Are we willing to be less attentive and in general less …show more content…
As a student where the internet is seen as such an essential tool, I believe it is a huge distraction and can indeed be “deadly” as Carr stated in his essay. Technology has taken a toll on my generation in particular. The internet has become our “Microwave information”. Many students rarely take time out to think analytically or try to read their text before searching the internet. I have observed many of my peers that use e-textbooks; they rarely stay focus on the text without getting distracted. Sadly however, we are not aware of the negative impact it has on us. Rarely do I go through a class without checking my phone which most professors do not allow. Can you imagine being able to use the internet during class? I once was in denial of my usage justifying that I can do without it on the train ‘the only Wi-Fi free place, until recently I forgot my phone at home and had the opportunity to be introspective, attentive, reflect and be quiet without distractions. It felt like yoga. Though it felt a withdrawal period, it was my most productive day for I did not have the opportunity to be attached to my cellular

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