Essay On Censorship In Today's Society

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Censorship in today’s society can limit everything we say or do in our everyday lives. One of our rights in the First Amendment is the freedom of speech. There are famous court cases that have made it to the supreme court about what has been done and said in certain places. The First Amendment can also be censored in almost all of its components. Censorship in today’s society has many good factors and also many bad factors that can limit what information people are provided. The First Amendment can be censored in all of it’s contents, and changes the way we live today.
The First Amendment protects the freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, and petition of the United States of America citizens. The First Amendment allows the American people to say what they want, but in today’s society it is censored. This amendment is considered one of the most important and is what many people come to the United States of America for to improve their lives. The First amendment is what allows so many people to live their normal lives in this country and express themselves. The First Amendment is protected by the fourteenth amendment which keeps it from being changed by state governments (Cornell Law School). All of the parts of the first amendment are censored in some way today to keep the people of this country protected.
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Such things as spreading your religion in school can be censored because it’s not accepted by all people. Also in school their textbooks can be censored by the context of the book that could harm the children’s knowledge. Our school district limits our technology rights within our chromebooks. We are limited with our chromebooks by the websites that we can access that are deemed appropriate. Along with the context that could harm our children in our textbook’s the content could be irrelevant now and could be taken out of our

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