Internet Safeguards

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In today’s world, technologies such as the internet are a necessary tool in many people’s day to day life. The internet can be used to check the weather, submit a job application, or even conduct a business meeting. However, due to the vast amount of information and the ease of accessing the internet, one can come upon many dangers through the use of this tool as well. Dangers such as phishing, cyber stalking or even cyber bullying. For these reasons and more, it is important to not only to protect one’s self from the various dangers but the children who are growing up with devices that support the internet as well.
For instance, children as young as two or three have already learnt how to navigate through their parent’s phones and other internet devices such as apple T.V. However, at such a young age these children do not know the dangers of using the internet nor do they know if a site or video they are viewing is safe or not. That is why a parent or guardian must safeguard the internet for the children using these internet devices. In addition, as a child grows so will their understanding of and need for the internet. As a result, the parent or guardian must change the internet safeguards
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Nothing is more important than educating a child of all the possible dangers on the internet. However, even though a parental figure may educate a child on safe internet conduct, many children are curious and may happen to run across information on the internet that may not be appropriate for them. For instance, chat rooms, Facebook, or even a gaming sites may pose a danger for children. For these reasons among many others, parental awareness is an important factor in keeping children safe from becoming a victim on the internet. Parental figures need to be aware of who is talking to their children, to see if someone is trying to lure them away from home or if someone is bullying

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