The Concept Of Social Media For Business

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Describe the concept of Social Media for Business
In this report, I will be describing the concepts of social media for a chosen business and I will talk about how the social media’s have impacted the business and how it has evolved. Social media will benefit the business in many ways as many people use social media websites. This will allow the business to connect with their customers.

Chosen business (Microsoft)
Microsoft is a large business which operates worldwide. This business offers products and services to their customers which are computer software’s such as Microsoft office and the Windows operating system. They also offer games consoles such as the Xbox and computers and laptops such as the Surface. The business operates online which means that customers are able to buy their products online, they also sell their products in retail stores such as Argos.

Which social media concepts do they use?
Microsoft uses many social media concepts and they do this as they want to make their business more known to people, also they would want to promote the new products and services and they would consider using social media web pages to promote this. The social Medias that Microsoft uses are;
Social networks (Facebook) – Microsoft uses Facebook as this social media page has many users from across the world. Microsoft would use Facebook to post images of their new products and services which they offer and this would be promoting them. This way more people would be aware of

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