Earned Income Tax Credit

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  • Should The Minimum Wage Reduce Poverty?

    reduce poverty. Those living in poverty were not even working, or a number of them not even living in poor families and it was reducing the employment opportunities for the less-educated and less-experienced. Most families have an income of more than the poverty level rate and the people receiving minimum wage either still live at home with family or have a spouse that also works. Single…

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  • TANF Program Analysis

    For example, Arizona TANF program was two years; however, recently it was decreased to one year. Unfortunately, accordingly to Pitzil, this means a projection of 2,500 people, including 1,500 kids will no longer qualify for the retiring allowance the program provides. The average payment is $278 a month. The TANF program has inadvertently impacted low income families in a negative way. Fifty percent of work-eligible individuals who receive TANF assistance must meet minimum hourly requirements…

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  • Food Integrity

    Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Security income (SSI), Earned income tax credits (EITC), supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP), National school lunch program (NSLP), and Women, Infants, Children (WIC) These programs are the cornerstones of the American safety net. Temporary assistance to needy families was formed to replace Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) Which provided cash welfare to poor families with children. TANF funds are used for various…

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  • The Pay Is Too Damn Low 'And To Help The Poor, Move Beyond' Minimum Mistage?

    an overall rise in cost of products would increase as well. As Surowiecki concludes his article, he states that, “Realistically, then, a higher minimum wage can be only part of the solution. We also need to expand the earned-income tax credit and strengthen the social insurance system” (Surowiecki). In Surowiecki’s article, he does elude that there are other ways to help those in poverty, while also enforcing the…

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  • Katrina Gilbert Poverty

    Although Katrina is unsatisfied with her job workload, she remains committed to bringing in source of income because of these factors. However, this was not the end of the list considering Katrina’s health care and educational status. She suffered from Graves’ disease, yet was put in the position between paying for these medical costs or paying for bills pertaining to her children and their home. For a long period, she chose her family over attending her thyroid condition. In another influential…

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  • Economic Recovery: Poverty In The United States

    performs very well in many measures of well-being relative to the United States and other countries in the Better Life Index (OECD Better Life Index, 2015). Also, Switzerland ranks above the average in subjective well-being, jobs and earning, income and wealth, social connections, and health status. Other areas where Switzerland ranks above average are personal security, education and skills, and environmental quality. To achieve these milestones in better life and poverty eradication,…

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  • An Essay About Poverty In America

    Affordable Care Act has expanded access to high-quality, affordable health coverage for millions of Americans. This evidence matter because it showing how the signed the law in order to help people who are in need of health care. Some of us are not able to afford to go to the hospital.Expanding Medicaid would mean more than just access to health care—it would free up limited household income for other basic needs such as paying rent and putting food on the table. It matters because people who…

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  • Behavioral Economics & Optimal Decision-Making: A Case Study

    decision-making and financial literacy offered insight into the struggles low-income households face each month to survive, much less invest or save. In particular, the volatile and unpredictable nature of working hours, predicted income, and unforeseen expenditures affect low-income individuals’ ability to draw on resources and grow assets over the course of a lifetime. By necessity, low-income and asset poor individuals are unable to accumulate wealth to build assets and focus on long-term…

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  • Karen Bogenschneider's Family Policy Matters

    Currently, I can see the impact that family policy has had with my own family. Public policy has increased the success of my family and how we function. The support has helped my family with several needs and strengthen our ability to give back to the community as well. In the past, we have received the Earned Income Tax credit and my son was in the Head Start preschool program. Both of these programs positively impacted my family and I can assume are positive assets to the other families who…

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  • Marco Rubeo Case Study

    more industry certified in a technical field, both as part of and after their high school education(issues). A problem that many young adults face is student loan debt. The United States student loan debt tops 1.2 trillion dollars. Rubio wants to apply the “Dynamic Student Loan Repayment Act” to help reduce this on-going debt. This act is supposed to consolidate, simplify and improve income-based repayment options for federal student loans. Student loan payments would be automatically adjusted…

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