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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Earplugs

    The sponge earplugs are the awkward azure in my trumpet case. Apparently they do not fit with the trumpet gold. But by contrasting, they do shimmer the gold. I took out the two of my small blue sponge earplugs from the case. I squeezed the sponges as hard as I could, plugged one into my left ear, and spun it until it was perfectly fitted in. Then I plugged the other, and did the same to it. That was what the doctor asked me to do. I walked into the classroom, sit down, opened my music folder. The sponges soon expanded, filling up every minute space in my external auditory canal, almost strong enough to make my ears explode. The instruments’ sound volume was then turned down; less music flew into my ears. The earplugs, as though the physical…

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  • A Summary Of Earplugs In Concerts

    are a major reason for damage to the ears, but only if a person attends without hearing protection. Simply putting in a set of earplugs can significantly reduce your chances of sustaining hearing loss at a concert. Damage prevention is so easy, yet 28 million Americans still suffer from deterioration of their hearing as they get older.1 Lack of public awareness is to blame for this problem, and the simplest way to fix it is to make changes to how venues hold their concerts. It is the…

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  • Conductive Hearing Loss In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

    In the book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, it is stated, “you never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” This project allowed me to follow the words of Harper Lee, receiving the opportunity to understand what it is like to have a mild conductive hearing loss. A conductive hearing loss is due to dysfunction of either the outer or middle ear. To understand an individual’s beliefs, feelings, and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Hearing Loss

    On Saturday, February 20th I did my hearing loss stimulation. I woke up Saturday morning anxious to see what the day ahead of me would be like, as I was going to be living with a hearing loss for the day. I put the earplugs I had purchased a week earlier and walked downstairs into my kitchen. My first conversation with a hearing loss was with my father, who had no idea I was doing a project, he asked me “Danielle, why do you have earplugs in?” He was muffled, but I could still hear him fairly…

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  • Essay On Hearing Loss

    words that were being spoken to me. An example of this was when my mother said the word “zapato”, I on the other hard thought she had said “pajaro”. Clearly these words were not the same, “zapato” is the Spanish word for shoe, while the word “pajaro” means bird. Because of the misunderstanding of words, I was unable to process the correct information that was being given to me at that moment. Another example of a challenge I faced while participating in this experiment was the lack of…

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  • Ear Plugs Analysis

    On the other side, a man in his construction uniform and ear plugs is displayed. One can see that the “Pretty in Pink” product is only seen on the consumer list, and there is not a pink, or somewhat feminine, worker safety ear plug product. The rest of the products do not have “For Women” written on them, so one can assume all other products are meant to be used by males. One can see that there are fundamental differences between the earplugs marketed towards males, and those marketed towards…

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  • Servant Leadership Case Study: Chick-Fil-A

    stronger and won 't be able to carry out challenges. Cathy often refers to a toolbox he created to constantly remind him of how to maintain his role as a successful leader. In his toolbox, he carries a white towel, plastic railroad tracks, oxygen mask, baton, cellphone, bible, and earplugs. The white towel reminds him to always be a servant first, by always creating a comfortable and pleasing environment for customers. The railroad tracks are a reminder to stay focused when life sometimes…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Night From Hell In Paradise

    flying all around us. The concert had started again in full force. It was loud, ridiculously loud. The resemblance to babies crying their longs out was disturbing. The longer they were crying, the more forceful it got. The cries turned into devilish screams. "This is how they hope to attract a mate?" I smiled nervously. A sudden shuffle behind us made us turn. We both stood in slight shock as a big black bird clumsily stumbled across our patio and disappeared to the side of our villa. "I guess…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Case Of Detective Sedgely

    Regularly the response is always NO, you cannot have this, or NO, you cannot have that. In the meanwhile, little kids screaming for joy because of the toy's that they got but they do not kick and start to cry but they scream. To summarize, all the kids were screaming for the things that they wanted. Detective Sedgely was walking through the store with ease I ask him how he is baring all of the noise he did not hear me. I tapped him on his shoulder “oh yes detective” He said while pulling his…

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  • Complications Of The Future In Harrison Bergeron By Bradbury

    minority pressure carried the trick” (Bradbury pg.55). Today in 2015 technology has already started taking over people’s lives. There are cell phones that can pretty much do anything necessary. Books now can be downloaded on computers, iPads, and cell phones. As Beatty stated minority pressure is also taking over lives. There is less and less prayer in schools because now a days there are less and less christens. In the novel Montag, “put his hand into the glove hole of his front door”…

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