Essay On Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss is no longer a disability throught to affect the elderly. People of all ages can become victims to a hearing loss. The three types of hearing loss are conductive, sensori-neural, and mixed. These three types of hearing impairments affect different anatomical components of the ear. As a pre-professional student interested in the field of audiology, it is important to comprehend the circumstances that individuals with a hearing loss come across day to day basis. This experience allowed me to have a deeper perspective into how a hearing impairment can affect how we communicate and ultimately how we live life.
My experience began as I placed the ear plugs in my external auditory canal. The sensation of having the ear plugs in the
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I tried reading and deciphering what she was saying to me, but I was unsuccessful. Another problem I faced while experiencing a conductive hearing loss, was being able to make out the words that were being spoken to me. An example of this was when my mother said the word “zapato”, I on the other hard thought she had said “pajaro”. Clearly these words were not the same, “zapato” is the Spanish word for shoe, while the word “pajaro” means bird. Because of the misunderstanding of words, I was unable to process the correct information that was being given to me at that moment. Another example of a challenge I faced while participating in this experiment was the lack of experiencing my surroundings. When wearing the earplugs, the world was apart from me. I did not hear the external auditory stimulus that surrounded me in my busy college campus. As I walked my campus, I could not hear whether a person in a bike needed to get by me or if a person was walking behind me. This type of unawareness can lead to dangerous situations, and leave the individual with the hearing loss vulnerable. Ultimately, the conductive loss produced by the earplugs stripped me of my receptive communication and caused

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