Analysis Of The Article 'Teaching A Deaf Child Her Mother's Tongue'

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The article Teaching a Deaf Child Her Mother’s Tongue by Jennifer Rosner was eye-opening and touching to read. I have never, until now, read an article quite like this. I do not know much about being deaf so this was an interesting read. I do wish it was longer because I found myself wanting to know more after reading it. This article made me want to know more about being born deaf and the concepts that surround it.
Rosner begins the article with a few true statements that although are correct, I had never actually thought about them. She said, “Culture and language are passed down from parents to child.” (Rosner). Even though this is extremely accurate, I had never sat down and thought about this concept. I cannot imagine how different
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I believe that being a parent is the hardest job someone will ever have and most parents truly try to do what’s best for their child. This lady could have kept her opinion to herself because I am sure that it upset Rosner to hear someone basically tell her that the choice she made was not right. I wish I could tell that lady to walk a mile in Rosner’s shoes before judging the decisions she and her husband have made about their …show more content…
During our Second Language Acquisition lecture, Professor Becker mentioned that American Sign Language was completely different than the English language. Although this makes complete sense to me now, I had never thought about this fact before that class. She also mentioned the concern of the high rate of illiteracy in the deaf community. This sparked my interest with this article even more and broadened my interest in the deaf community.
Before reading this article, I had little-to-no background knowledge on deafness. This article expanded my knowledge and made me do research so I could better understand deafness. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article because of the insight it provided. I think that this showed be a more widely discussed topics so that people are more knowledgeable about being deaf. I think that people would be more aware of deafness if it was actually talked about and not just kind of brushed under the rug. It is a fairly common thing that happens to many people and as a result, people should be more educated on

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